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Heart of the West by Wild Rose Press Authors

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  • This digital boxed set contains 6 complete novels.

    Between The Lines by Kathy Otten
    Anxious to escape the confines of her family, Meg Greyson travels to Wyoming Territory to marry the man of her dreams. Only she discovers Brendan Kelly is nothing like the gentleman rancher who penned her beautiful letters. As she comes to know this intimidating, yet tacit man, Meg finds herself constantly having to rationalize away his dark and dangerous side in order to conform him to her image of the perfect man who wrote her letters.

    Brendan knows he should tell her the truth, but once he does, she will leave him forever. So he keeps pretending and every time she says, “I love you,” he dies a little more inside, for he knows he will never be the man she wants him to be.

    Samantha's Sacrifice by Sandi Hampton
    To uphold her family's honor, Samantha Adams agrees to take her sister's place and marry wealthy rancher Blake McCarthy.
    However, the last thing Blake wants is another wife. When beautiful Samantha shows up at his ranch on the pretext of honoring a marriage contract, he believes she is only after someone to take care of her and her daughter. And he is determined it's not going to be him.
    But when passion sparks into flame, can Blake's kisses and sweet caresses make Samantha forget his accusations and mistrust, and can Blake's desire for Samantha overcome his suspicions?

    Harvest of Dreams by Alison Henderson
    Alone on her farm in the middle of a blizzard, young widow Lisa McAllister labors to give birth to her first child. Help arrives in the form of a stranger with a six-gun. Lisa has no reason to trust this man who makes a living by violence, even if he is on the right side of the law. Men and their guns have already claimed the lives of her father, brother, and husband, and she's determined to protect her son at any cost.

    Jared Tanner, a security agent for the stagecoach, has been on his own since he was twelve. With Lisa and her baby, he's finally found something worth fighting for --- a family of his own. But a fresh wave of violence threatens to tear them apart. Can their new love survive?

    The Witching Moon by Loretta C.Rogers
    Sheen O'Reilly considers her gift of second sight a curse. Branded a witch, she wears a rope burn around her neck as a reminder of what happens to people who are considered different. Now settled in a remote homestead where she tends her animals and concocts herbal remedies, she knows "he" is coming but is powerless to stop him.

    "He" is Guthrie Tanner, who blames himself for the murder of his wife and the kidnapping of his young daughter. After an unsuccessful year of tracking his enemies, he has heard about a witch who lives alone on the prairie. While he doesn't believe in supernatural nonsense, he is willing to do whatever it takes to find his daughter. What he doesn't count on is the effect Sheen will have on his heart.

    Love's Sweet Wager by Jannine Corti Petska
    She escapes a life of uncertainty…
    After her gambler father is murdered over a card game, Rachel Garrett joins a wagon train West to be with her aunt and the fiancé she's never met. All she wants is to forget her life and settle down in one place. But along the trail she is helplessly drawn to a priest—forbidden fruit—and her faith is shattered.
    He's running from a murder he did not commit…
    With his life at stake, Reno Hunter joins a wagon train West disguised as a priest. He is shocked to find aboard the woman he won when her father wagered her in that fateful card game, the same man Reno is accused of killing. Can he protect his identity, or will he give in to his desire for the woman and risk being apprehended by the law?

    Stone Heart's Woman by Velda Brotherton
    Deserted and alone on her way west, Aiden Conner has a knife held to her throat by a blond-haired Cheyenne warrior. Now a blizzard has trapped her and her wounded captor in a cabin in the wilderness.
    After the betrayal of his mother's people, Stone Heart has sworn to never again speak the language of his white father. But the red-haired Irish woman will surely die if he abandons her.
    As they fight together to survive, they find that, despite their different worlds, their hearts are one. Stone Heart vows to free his people imprisoned at Ft. Robinson. Aiden is determines to help him in any way she can. Only then can she truly be Stone Heart's Woman.


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Heart of the West

Heart of the West