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Stoplight Magic by Jo Barrett

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  • Eleanor Freemont owed her brother more than she could ever repay.  He'd raised her after their parents were killed, but it was past time for her to grow up and be out on her own.  Her painfully shy nature and her brother's over-protectiveness had kept her locked away for too long.  Going out with Dustin Bass, a motorcycle riding stranger she'd dared make a date with at a stoplight, might just be her first step to independence.  
    If only she can keep that date.


    The next day the motorcycle man made eye contact again.  All Eleanor could do was cast him a shaky smile.  She’d spent the previous day and half the night kicking herself for being such a chicken.  This morning, she hoped, and yet feared, he’d ask again.  
    A grin tilted up the edge of his lips and once again, he pointed to the coffee shop across the street.

    She bit her lip with a glance at her watch. plagued with doubt, and the idea of being late for work for the first time in her life.  

    No, she just couldn’t do it, and looked at him, ready to shake her head, when he held up five fingers, then pointed at the shop again.  

    Meet him at five o’clock?

    With a broad grin, he patted his chest with leather clad hands, tilted back his head as if he were in pain, then held them out in a pleading gesture.  

    With a smile, she found the courage to nod.  She would meet him at the coffee shop at five o’clock after work.  It wasn’t exactly a walk on the wild side, but it was a start, something that was long overdue.

    He raised his leather covered hands in triumph, and Eleanor couldn’t help but laugh.

    A horn tooted, and he gave her that sexy wink before flipping down his visor and starting out into traffic.

    As she pressed her foot to the pedal to move along side, her smile still wide and her heart beating at a giddy pace, she noticed something out of the corner of her eye. 

    In less than a heartbeat, she made a decision that would change her life forever.


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Stoplight Magic

Stoplight Magic

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