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Angel Unbound by Sharon Saracino

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  • Earthbound angel Callista McAllister is finally free from over a century of captivity when everyone believed her dead. Now she struggles to adapt to a world that has moved on without her and a man she's never forgotten.

    Defensori Luca Fiorelli's icy detachment is legendary; a trait valued by his allies and feared by his enemies. But Luca's cold facade is a disguise he wears to hide his fear of trusting in love. She was once like a sister, but now that Calli is back, Luca realizes his feelings for her are anything but fraternal. Luca believes that love is simply a precursor to loss. Is Callista the woman who can change his mind?


    “You’re up early,” Luca observed, once Piero was on his way to the hospital and he finally stepped inside and closed the door. He helped himself to an espresso from the pot still simmering on the stovetop. It was already half empty. Callista had obviously been up for a while.

    “You’re up late,” she snapped back sinking into her chair and pushing the box of baked goods toward him.

    Luca shrugged, flipped open the box, and snagged a cornetto before dropping into the chair opposite her and stretching his legs out in front of him. He took a sip of the strong, fragrant coffee and sneaked a glance at Callista from under his lashes. The threat of tears had passed, but it was impossible to miss the dark purple smudges beneath her thickly fringed blue eyes and the dampness spiking her lashes. Since they’d come to Rome, he’d heard her cry out in her sleep more than once. He also frequently heard her walking the floors well into the morning hours. Maybe he’d been a little hard on her earlier, but she needed to start using her head.


    Her eyes darted to his face in surprise then narrowed.



    “I assume you’re asking if nightmares are the reason I’m up so early. I’m merely asking if a trollop is the reason you’re up so late.”


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Angel Unbound

Angel Unbound

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