The Christmas Tree Wars by Robin Weaver

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  • Suzette Forrester didn’t want to enter the town’s Christmas Tree Contest, but after her BFF forges her entry, Suzette’s competitive spirit revs up. Beating the town’s high-profile socialite, Katarina Snodgrass becomes priority one. Until Suzette discovers architect Spence James has returned to Merryvale.

    Spence can’t reconcile the geeky girl from high school with the hot babe ordering antique ornaments at his father’s store, but there’s no denying the chemistry. He joins Suzette’s decorating team and their sizzle rages into an inferno, threatening to put them on Santa’s naughty list.Too bad Spence’s NYC girlfriend, Darlene, arrives unannounced—and pregnant.

    Suzette’s holiday promise goes from tinsel bright to a lump of coal, but she’s determined to ignore her broken heart and beat Katarina. Even if it means collaborating with a man who now seems more like Santa's nemesis than a Christmas angel.


    Sugarplums. Suzette wished her friend didn’t have such huge girl balls. Kaley couldn’t afford another five hundred dollars. Somehow, she’d make it up to her friend. Probably a sign she really should sell her grandmother’s flower shop.

    Katarina whirled to face her. “Just remember, you brought this on yourself, short-stuff. Don’t blame me for your tears when Forrester Florals loses for the first time. Ever.”

    “Suze won’t cry,” Kaley shot back. “Because she won’t lose. Now that the bet’s settled, what can I get you, Katarina?”

    Suzette’s head wouldn’t stop spinning. She’d have to enter the contest now. Her world tilted but the diva shot-slingers acted as if the little bet had never happened.

    Katarina turned toward the pastry case. “I’ll have a latte and two of those yummy cinnamon rolls.”

    “Skinny latte?” Kaley asked.

    “Heavens no.” The titian-haired beauty touched her hand to her chest. “Give me the works. Whipped cream too.”

    Suzette’s mouth dropped open. Two cinnamon buns? She gained weight just thinking about them. Even at five-foot-ten, Katarina could probably fit into a size zero on her bloated days. Maybe the redhead ordered for someone else—her man of the week? Although with Katarina, could be man of the day.

    No need to be catty.

    The svelte socialite grabbed the bit of confectionary heaven and took a large bite. Suzette could hate her—for being able to eat like that and stay skinny if for no other reason.

    “Since you’re foolish enough to enter, Suze, please don’t embarrass the town with a lame entry. This is our contest, even though I’ll beat you, we local girls need to do well.”

    Talk about your insults. Was Katrina suggesting she couldn’t even put together a decent tree? Well, elf her.

    Katarina grabbed her designer bag and tossed a fluffy scarf around her neck. “Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m late for my lunch date with Spence.”

    Suzette stared at Katarina’s departing back. “Spence?” She couldn’t have meant Spence James. He would have called if he was in town. Right?


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The Christmas Tree Wars

The Christmas Tree Wars

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