Acquisition by Renee Canter Johnson

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  • Amanda Lassiter, divorced and now married to her job, needs her first solo endeavor at managing an acquisition to go smoothly. With a promotion dangling, she heads to North Carolina where she is faced with the choice of doing the right thing or following her boss's orders. Will the conflict spiral her downward into her previously defeated eating disorder?

    The economy, among other issues, has forced Reece Jordan to accept the take-over of his company. For the benefit of his employees, he’s prepared to go toe-to-toe with the mogul behind the acquisition, but not with the beautiful, multi-layered woman sent in his place.

    Temptations mount, secrets are revealed, and nothing turns out the way it was planned.


    He reached toward her with his index finger, letting it caress her brow bone as he slid a single strand of her hair away from her face and around the curve of her eyebrow. He leaned in as though to kiss her cheek and she expected it, breathing heavily and slightly confused.

    But his lips didn’t pause at her cheekbone. They continued to her ear where his breath stoked a fire within her as he whispered, “I never make promises I don’t intend to keep.” Each “p” sound brought with it a wisp of superheated air that ran the length of her body and circled inward.

    The flesh of his face all but brushed her cheek as he pulled away. She couldn’t resist looking at him, into his prismatic blue eyes, flashing like a spring in the Yellowstone geysers.

    Amanda stalled at a precipice of confusion, deeply drawn to him from a sexual perspective while deeply repulsed by the business at hand. How long they stood there she couldn’t say. It could have been seconds, minutes even. But it seemed an eternity. Two opposing rods, they kept each other near and yet far.

    She licked her lips, a Freudian slip to be sure, and she knew he would gather its meaning and store it in a cup to be returned to her when she least desired it.

    His mouth opened slightly, as though he intended to make the most of the moment, but somehow he managed to pull away and turn for the door.

    Amanda didn’t stop him. She wanted him to leave. Another minute and she would have been powerless to prevent him from pursuing her promising mouth.

    She remained standing until the door shut behind him. Then she collapsed in the chair, wishing the leather indentations in it were his body, caressing hers. She wondered how in the world a man had managed to get under her skin in this way—especially one she despised as much as he.


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