Impending Love and War by Laura Freeman

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  • Impending Love

    Cory Beecher didn’t mean to shoot handsome Tyler Montgomery and only kisses him so he doesn’t find the runaway slave in the barn.  Abolitionists never considered marrying slave owners, but her world explodes with new found desire when her lips touch his.  Can she go through with her carefully crafted plans to marry math instructor Douglas Raymond when her heart longs for another?

    Tyler Montgomery needs to find the runaway slaves before his rival Edward Vandal  captures them.  Although he doesn’t want to involve the fiery and beautiful Miss Beecher, once she kisses him, all his plans unravel.   As his rival closes in on the quarry, he hesitates to leave, knowing she’s marrying the wrong man.  But what does an unemployed lawyer with questionable parentage have to offer the woman he loves?

    Civil War, Suspense
    Rating: Spicy
    Page Count: 332
    Word Count: 78785
    978-1-62830-508-1 Paperback
    978-1-62830-509-8 Digital


    Both turned at the sound of a thud against Nell’s wooden wall. “It’s Nell kicking the wall,” Cory excused.

    “I better check.” Tyler grabbed the burning lantern from her hand.

    Cory followed behind him. She needed to prevent him from discovering the slave’s hiding place. She couldn’t overpower him. What could she do?

    Tyler’s body blocked the lantern’s light, and Cory bumped into him when he stopped at the stall wall. Her instinct was to back away, but instead, she reached out with her hands to locate him. She ran her fingertips upward to his shoulders as she pressed herself against him. Cory rested her cheek against the bare skin of his wide back. “Your skin is so cool.”

    He froze.

    Now what? She remembered something her mother did when her father had an exhausting day. She caressed his shoulders with her hands, shocked by the hardness beneath smooth flesh. Her fingertips danced downward along the damp skin of his back and circled beneath the strip of white bandage to hold him in a gentle grip. “I’m so hot.” Her lips brushed against his back. “Let’s get out of here.”

    The lantern shook in Tyler’s hand. He placed it on the stall wall, turned, and captured her in his arms. “Let’s see what I can do about the heat.” His deep, throaty tone sent a shiver through her body.

    Cory had started something she had no way of stopping. She recalled her parents always retired to bed after one of her mother’s massages. Why hadn’t she remembered that earlier? She panicked as Tyler drew her close against his body.

    She gasped as his mouth found hers, plundering her lips with a savage hunger. This was no chaste peck or quick pluck she had experienced from other men. Even those who had kissed her more fervently had failed to ignite this unfamiliar heat building within her. Her body reacted against her common sense.

    She should have been insulted by his actions. She should have pulled away. She should have slapped his face. Instead, she encircled his neck with her arms and kissed him in fevered abandonment.


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Impending Love and War

Impending Love and War

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