Dragon Wife by Diana Green

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  • The clan is waking. After centuries of spellbound sleep, dragon-shifters are returning to the mountains. They are few in number, and the outside world has become overrun with humans.

    Huroth, the dragon chieftain, recognizes a need for his kind to adapt, by forming alliances and mate-bonds with humans, but his clan is divided. From the first time she meets him, Lady Orwenna is drawn to the magnificent chieftain.  The mind link he forms with her is both fascinating and frightening, as is the powerful attraction she feels for him. If only she knew what was in his heart.

    Does he want her for the woman she is, or for her magical abilities? When war breaks out between kingdoms and ancient enemies of the dragons resurface, the clan will be tested. In the midst of uncertainty, can Huroth and Orwenna find their way together?

    Rating: Spicy
    Page Count: 218
    Word Count: 51809
    978-1-62830-386-5 Paperback
    978-1-62830-387-2 Digital


    Vibrant energy coursed through Orwenna. It pulsed from her center, pouring out through her hands, enveloping them both in shimmering light. She felt as if she was made of sunshine and honey, bright, beautiful, and dripping sweetness.

    “I’m back,” the nurse called, ducking through the tent flap. “Oh! I see you’re busy.” She hurried to the far end of the tent, where she occupied herself sorting poultices.

    Huroth released Orwenna from his embrace, and she stepped away, losing her grip on his bandage. It slipped from his shoulder, uncovering a wound that was no longer new. The skin had closed over and looked to have been healing for weeks.

    “Gods!” Orwenna exclaimed, staring. “How did that happen?”

    Huroth studied the wound then looked up at her.

    “You healed me,” he said. There was wonder in his eyes.

    “Are you sure?”

    “Dragons recover quickly,” he said, “but nothing like this. Look at my cuts and scrapes.” They were almost completely gone, only faint scar tissue remaining.

    “But how did I…” Her voice trailed off as she remembered the charge of energy that built within her, pouring out of her hands and into him. It was different from other magic she’d learned. There were no rituals or words to anchor the power, but it was part of the life force, just the same. Perhaps she’d always had the ability, lying dormant in her, waiting for something to trigger it.


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Dragon Wife

Dragon Wife

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