Family Secrets by Debra St. John

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  • Even after the death of her husband, Erika Garrett is still close to his family.  She vows they'll never discover he was cheating on her. She's content with her play-by-the-rules life until Chase Stewart re-enters her life.
    Chase is divorced from Erika's sister-in-law and wants nothing to do with her family or they with him.  If it weren't for shared custody of his precious four-year old twins, he wouldn't be a part of their lives at all.
    He has no desire to marry again, so the only thing he can offer Erika is a secret summer fling.  But when the secret is uncovered, can either of them ever face the family again?

    Rating: Spicy  
    Page Count: 254
    Word Count: 61623
    978-1-62830-433-6 Paperback
    978-1-62830-434-3 Digital


    She shook off the feeling, and once again attempted to concentrate on the movie. Soon the girls drifted off and, eager for something to do to keep her mind off forbidden topics, she rose to gather the remains of their snack. She reached for the empty popcorn bowl as Chase did the same. Her hand brushed his, and she yanked it away as if burned.

    “Erika.” Her name came out soft. Husky. Never before had it sounded so intimate on a man’s lips.

    “I need to get this cleaned up.” She fled to the kitchen.

    She stood by the sink, the snack dishes forgotten. Her hands gripped the edge of the granite so hard her knuckles turned white.

    The soft pad of Chase’s bare feet announced his arrival a moment before his hands came to rest on her shoulders. She flinched.

    “Erika.” How easily she could get used to him saying her name just like that. As though velvet secrets hid in the simple syllables. She shivered under his touch. “What are you thinking?”

    As if he didn’t know. She shook her head, unable to speak, or unwilling to voice her thoughts aloud.

    With gentle hands he turned her to face him. “Look at me.” He lifted her chin with a finger.

    She tried to tear her gaze from his, but the intensity in the dark depths of his eyes made the task impossible. The silent communication spoke to her soul in a way nothing ever had before.


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Family Secrets

Family Secrets

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