Iris Rainbow by Ilona Fridl

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  • Rebellious teen Teri Darden comes of age in the Summer of Love, 1967, falling hard for Tim Olson, who plays bass guitar in a soon-to-be-famous rock band called Virgin Ram. When the band goes on a lengthy tour, Tim and Teri not only lose touch with each other but the lies of his spiteful ex-girlfriend push Teri into the dark side of sex, drugs, and rock 'n' roll in the San Francisco of the 1960s.
    As his year-long tour comes to a close, Tim realizes how much he has missed Teri, but his efforts to find her again are futile. He goes from one bad marriage to another yet is always searching for Teri, until they meet again thirty years later.
    Neither could quite forget the other, but can they rekindle what was lost?

    Rating: Spicy
    Page Count: 288
    Word Count: 73580
    978-1-62830-215-8 Digital
    978-1-62830-214-1 Paperback


    “This makes my decision to leave a little easier.”

    “Leave? Where are you going?”

    “The government is cracking down on draft dodgers. I told Carol I was going to take the underground to Canada to avoid the Feds.”

    “Can I drop you off someplace?”

    “There’s a little building down the street from Fisherman’s Wharf. It’s one of the underground stations. Could you take me there?”

    Teri nodded numbly. “Sure.”

    As they pulled up in front of his destination, Dash gazed at her intently. “Teri, are you going to be all right? You look white as a ghost.”

    Teri said tonelessly, “Yes, I’ll be fine. Just go.”

    Dash kissed her cheek. “Goodbye, Teri.”

    Teri nodded and waved as he disappeared into the building, and then she drove up the bluff to an overlook by the bay. Teri turned off the engine and got out. No one was there, and she had a bench facing the cliff all to herself. Drawing her legs up, she wrapped her arms around her knees and rocked gently back and forth, her face buried, sobbing.

    Now what? You’ve wound around this maze of your own making until you hit a dead end. Your father hates you, you’ve probably lost Tim forever, and now Carol’s dead. What are you going to do? What can I do? Should I call my mother? I don’t want her to see me like this. Evie? I got so close with Carol that I neglected my best friend. I’m too ashamed to call her.

    Teri rose and went to the edge of the wall, watching the waves crash on the rocks below. She heard a voice behind her. “Hey, gal, you look like you need something.”

    Turning, she saw a strange-looking figure coming up. “I’m all right. Just leave me alone.”

    He was very thin, emphasized by his worn jeans and a black turtleneck. Black bushy hair made him look like a dark mushroom. “I’m Willie, the local dealer, and I’ve seen you in the park. We know all the users. Who are you?”

    Maybe this is the way to make me forget. “I’m T…Iris Rainbow. What have you got and how much is it?”

    Willie smiled. “Now you’re talking my language.”


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Iris Rainbow

Iris Rainbow

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