Whatever, Forever by Lael R. Neill

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  • Audrey Taylor and her older sister Kelsey splurge on a two-week vacation at an upscale dude ranch in central Washington State.  While Kelsey unabashedly pursues her goal of finding a rich boyfriend and goes clubbing, gambling, and drinking with a self-proclaimed movie producer, Audrey enjoys a flirtation with the handyman. 
    Dave is a down-to-earth maintenance man who knows how to do almost anything that needs to be done on the ranch. He invites Audrey to accompany him for an afternoon of riding fence and shows her the best scenery, he encourages her to go river rafting and to join a skywatch party. Finally, at the height of the Perseid meteor showers, they share a midnight tryst.  But not everything is as it seems, and both sisters are in for a surprise.

    Rating: Hot  
    Page Count: 42
    Word Count: 10936
    978-1-62830-345-2 Digital


    They climbed steadily from the irrigated pasture into the dryland. She smelled the sharp, turpentine scent of warm pine duff on the dry August breeze and watched the occasional cloud scudding across the summer sky. This is what a vacation is all about, she thought. If Kels is out to find herself a rich boyfriend, more power to her. I’ll settle for an afternoon riding fence with the maintenance guy.

    The view nearly took Audrey’s breath away. To the east, the whole Kittitas Valley lay like an abstract sculpture made by giants. Grayish tan mountains crowned with pines encircled the green valley floor, and far away she could even glimpse the Yakima River before it made its right-hand bend and cut through the hills on its way toward its union with the Columbia.

    “During the last ice age the river ran straight down through the eastern end of the valley, but then that got blocked by ice and the river cut through the hills. It’s still flowing that way,” Dave informed her.

    “This is absolutely stunning,” she breathed. “Thank you so much for bringing me up here.”

    “My pleasure entirely,” he said with a smile, coming off Okie’s back to help her dismount. Ace’s height made a long step down for her. Dave tied both horses and took a couple bottles of water from his saddlebags.

    “Cheers,” he said, handing one to her. They toasted each other with Ozarka, and she could have melted when he laughed.


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Whatever, Forever

Whatever, Forever

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