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Mai Tai Guy by Mickey J. Corrigan

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  • When I was seventeen, I had the perfect boyfriend. Nothing fancy, he went straight to my hips. He looked good on me. Now I'm home for our thirtieth class reunion, and I'm still hungry for him. Yes, it's been decades, but every five years our high school reunion has brought us together again. With hot, then cold results. He's on the menu again, and this time I have my own delicious way of making sure our meet-up will truly satisfy.


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What a tease!

Mai Tai Guy is a fast, fun short story full of wit and tongue-in-cheek humor. All the food metaphors had me giggling. Flirty and vivacious, the heroine gives readers a teasing glimpse into Dusky Beach, a setting from the author's The Hard Stuff series. Thank you, Mickey J. Corrigan, for this entertaining, free read!



    Mai Tai Guy is an entertaining, free, mini-read by Mickey J. Corrigan that introduces us to the women of Dusky Beach. I really enjoyed the story. I love Mickey’s voice, love the humor and self-deprecation, sprinkled with a touch of ego in this fun, fast read. It leaves us with a teaser that makes it impossible to resist reading her other books in the series. PLUS, there is a Mai Tai recipe at the end. What more could you ask for?

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    Mai Tai Guy

    Mai Tai Guy

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