Promise Made by Mitzi Pool Bridges

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    The Callahan Series

    Five years after leaving Sheriff Dugan Callahan at the altar, defense attorney Kate Maroney is back in Oaktree, Texas. Her boss has proposed, and she's come home to figure out what to do. When her grandmother falls and Kate stays on to care for her, Kate starts accepting clients, hoping to keep her mind off of the fiery attraction she still feels for Dugan.Dugan wants to know: What is Kate running from now? And why does she fight the obvious feelings between them? Kate's agreement to represent a battered woman's murder case pits them against each other even more.

    After the biggest trial in memory, half the town is rooting for them to get back together, while the other half would rather see Kate return to Austin and leave their sheriff alone.Who is right? Who is wrong? Will Kate run again, or will love win out in the end?

    Rating: Spicy
    Page Count: 286
    Word Count: 68585
    978-1-62830-312-4 Paperback
    978-1-62830-313-1 Digital


    “We should stop.” Her voice was barely audible, her mind losing its resolve. For a moment she let the familiar sensations Dugan had once aroused wash through her.

    His hand traced her cheek, down her neck to her shoulder.

    “Don’t you have to leave?” Her voice was strangled. The words didn’t come out as they should.

    “Do you want me to?”

    She shut her eyes. Truth or lie? “No. Yes.”

    His grin was her undoing.

    “Which is it, Kate?”

    She’d promised herself and she’d promised his family. But his hands on her shoulders, the light kisses, his nearness, turned her brain to mush.

    “Do I leave, Kate? Or stay?”

    “Stay.” The whisper, full of longing, was barely out of her mouth when his head dipped to catch her lips. It was familiar. It was electric. The next thing she knew, her arms were around his neck. She leaned her body against his hard one. She couldn’t get close enough, wanted him with everything in her.

    Seconds later he was devouring her, sweeping her into a whirlpool of emotion. When he lifted her up, her legs wrapped around him in a remembered embrace. The taste of him on her lips made her light-headed. Nerve endings tingled as her hands brushed down the sides of his face. Her desire was so intense it staggered her.

    He looked into her eyes as if he couldn’t believe this was happening.

    Kate had never wanted anyone so badly in her life.


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Promise Made

Promise Made

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