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Under the Covers by Jo Barrett

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  • Jane Walters would love to fall for the right guy, but right now she's too busy getting her new business open and avoiding her over zealous landlord. In a crazy attempt to avoid his unwanted attentions, she asks her neighbor, Jacob Hayes, to be her pretend boyfriend.  But Jacob wants nothing to do with her.  He's been left at the alter once, and that was humiliating enough. Getting mixed up with the sexy new resident of Kings Gap is the last thing he needs, unless...

    Agreeing to some secret fun under the covers, doesn't solve Jane's problem with her landlord, but it certainly heats up her lonely nights.  Only problem now is, how does she keep from falling for the one man she can't have?

    Fourth of July
    Rating: Hot
    Page Count: 91
    Word Count: 22275


    The moment he stepped through the doorway, his gaze met hers. They stood there staring at one another for several interminable seconds, neither uttering a word. Then he moved closer.

    Resisting the urge to fidget, she clenched her fists tight where they hung by her sides and gazed into his chocolate eyes, hoping he could read her thoughts, because although she’d had the nerve to come this far, she wasn’t brave enough to say what she wanted.

    “I told you not to come here again. I told you what would happen,” he said, his voice low and firm.

    She nodded, unable to speak, half from the confirmation that he hadn’t been joking, and half from wild anticipation.

    “You stay, you don’t tell anyone about me. About us,” he said.

    Her brow furrowed as she found her voice, but his next words stopped her from speaking. “I’m nobody’s fall guy. You come here for me and you, not because of Riley or anyone else. And it’s just for sex. If that isn’t what you want, leave now.”

    She blinked, not sure how to answer, no longer sure this was such a good idea. But then if the sex was no better than before with her other boyfriends, it would be simple enough to end without any guilt. And if it was better than anything she’d ever experienced, then, well, she’d just have to live with a fabulous memory. Although she still had the Riley issue, this could be just what she needed.

    “I want this,” she said, her voice faint and quivering, but she’d said it nonetheless.

    His gaze grew heated, as he slid one arm then the other around her. She knew he could feel her shaking as she lifted her hands to his shoulders, but hoped he would think it was more from excitement than nervousness. As he lowered his head, the air seemed to crackle.

    “You sure about this?” he said, his voice low and husky, his breath fanning her lips.




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Under the Covers

Under the Covers

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