Shattering Halos by Sunniva Dee

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    I am Gaia Samuelle and I should have died in the car accident that killed my friends. Only I didn't. It wasn't a miracle that saved me; it was love. My best friend Marina thinks I'm being seduced by a demon. She thinks she can save me. But she doesn't understand. I don't need saving. All I need is him.

    Gabriel is my Protector. He's watched over mortals for centuries. Not once has he broken the rules. Until now. For reasons neither he nor I understand, he let me live. He traded my death for love--our love. And that's forbidden. If Heaven finds out, he'll be annihilated.

    Now, we're caught in a war between Heaven and Hell. The battle has begun.

    Rating: Spicy
    Page Count: 362
    Word Count: 84338
    978-1-62830-300-1 Paperback
    978-1-62830-301-8 Digital


    Hmm…can I stay like this forever?

    My heart hammered. Nestled under Gabriel’s chin and hyperaware of his proximity, I let him flood my senses. From the hollow dip at his neck, I sucked in the scent of his skin. I savored his palpability, the undisputable reality of him being there with me. His chest flowed into me and ebbed away in a slow, steady rhythm.

    “What am I going to do with you?”

    No. That’s his first question after months and months and months?

    My head snapped up to study his expression. Gabriel released me, and holding me out, he looked me over. The dazzling aquamarine of his irises shifted like northern lights, but when his eyes fixed mine, they deepened and calmed.

    “I’m sorry this happened, Gaia. It shouldn’t have.”

    “Excuse me? What shouldn’t have happened?” I snuggled tight. Groaning softly, he hesitated before wrapping me back into his arms.

    Goose bumps broadcasted my response, and Gabriel stilled for a moment. When he moved to whisper into my hair, I couldn’t hide the shivers running down my spine. “You shouldn’t have seen me.” The words pulsated through me in ripples.

    How can something feel so good it hurts?

    “And more than anything, you were not supposed to feel that.”

    My cheeks heated. “I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

    “But you do.” No uncertainty in his answer, no humor.

    Somebody paused indecisively down the hallway before speeding up toward us. Another teacher? A student? Whoever was coming, my achingly unique moment with Gabriel overshadowed it, and I didn’t care. They remained silent, though, as if wanting to take us by surprise.

    The rest of my body refused to shift an inch, and my gaze flitted up to him. Gabriel’s eyes followed whoever moved toward us without alarm. His serenity swathed me, and my brain trusted his judgment.


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Shattering Halos

Shattering Halos

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