The Whims of Fate by Jaclyn V. DiBona

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    A widow after ten years of marriage, Aurora Fidalgo returns home to Gloucester to make her dream of opening an antique store a reality.  She wants nothing more than a quiet life in her hometown.  Her life takes a bizarre turn when a sexy stranger arrives on her doorstep.  While he stirs feelings deep within her, his interest in her antiques seems misplaced and she is determined to guard her heart.
    Cynical and scarred, DEA agent Michael D'Este takes on one last case as a favor for a friend.  Going undercover he finds himself attracted to the a woman involved in the case.  He learned the hard way that personal involvement in a case can lead to disaster, but he can't ignore how Aurora makes him feel.  He knows he's found the one woman he wants a future with, but he has to follow the rules to get the case solved before he can commit any further.
    Like the antiques she treasures, Aurora realizes she's been given a second chance. The whims of fate have brought them together but outside forces are working to tear them apart.

    Rating: Sensual
    Page Count: 384
    Word Count: 98932
    978-1-62830-206-6 Paperback
    978-1-62830-207-3 Digital


    She admired the way the stranger carried himself. Dressed all in black, he'd pass for an outlaw if he wore a cowboy hat. She let her gaze roam over his body. Oh, man, that's what you call prime, male beef. Her shop took first priority and being in the antique business, she had an eye for top quality. He stood a little over six feet and moved toward her table with self-assured grace. On second thought, the confidence he conveyed made her think bad-boy with military training as a more accurate guess. Strong, familiar feelings rippled across her skin while anticipation shot through her. She braced herself as she waited.

    His dark hair, with a prominent widow's peak, complemented his arched brows. She didn't miss the jagged scar on the left side of face, his determined jaw, or his firm mouth. They made her think of rigid self-control. Instead of disfiguring his face, the scar gave him a rakish appearance. It'd be hard for this man to go unnoticed, as a number of women in the restaurant agreed. She noticed other females watching him as he wove his way around the tables toward her. She almost laughed as a couple of women actually let out sighs and fanned their faces.

    His intense gaze and his voice, smooth as fine smoky bourbon, came on as too sure of himself. His smile held a hint of danger that a smart woman would not ignore. His hand wrapped around hers in a tight squeeze. Between his suave voice and electrifying touch, a frisson of surprise made her nerves jump. His dark eyes locked on hers, probing for what, she didn't know. She wanted to pull away, but resisted with all her strength. Oh, yes, her first impression stayed the same. He spelled trouble.


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The Whims of Fate

The Whims of Fate

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