No Other Love by Jean Adams

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    Lucas Nelson, a man brought to his knees and publicly humiliated by his last two girlfriends, now believes he is unlovable. So when he finds himself falling in love with Jenna, whom he can't seem to avoid, he knows he's in trouble.

    Having worked hard to improve herself, Jenna Blake has made it clear she's not interested in a relationship with an ordinary man. She wants a big, white wedding to an aristocrat, like the Earl of Kendal. Nothing must be allowed to get in the way of everything she's worked for, not even true love.

    Will Jenna give in to her desires? Or will the earl and his aristocratic trappings win her hand?

    Rating: Spicy
    Page Count: 246
    Word Count: 58366
    978-1-62830-245-5     Paperback
    978-1-62830-246-2     Digital


    "If you want to make yourself useful, you can open a bottle of wine."

    "Great. Do I find it in the fridge?"

    "Uh huh." He inclined his head. "Glasses in the overhead cupboard over there."

    "I must say you keep a very nice establishment."
    He smiled. "With the help of my house cleaner. She comes in three times a week."

    From the corner of his eye he saw Jenna take a bottle of white wine from the fridge, unscrew the cap and fill two glasses halfway. She came forward and handed him one.

    He poured the egg mixture into a pan and added the mushrooms. He was grateful for this short time with her. He'd probably never get another chance like this. He wanted her to know he wasn't the rude bastard she must think him. Thanks to that cloudburst, he had it. But after all those earls and dukes she knew, she was bound to think him crass.

    And thank God she'd come to him for help. As much as he'd like to get her into bed, she'd never be in safer hands.

    "I was going to offer to give you a hand, but you seem to have everything under control."

    His head jerked up. "Sure do. Just got to flip it."

    She looked terrific. Even though the bathrobe was a little too big for her, it hung better on her than it did on Lisa. A smile threatened to break out, but he reined it in.

    Don't get any dumbass ideas, jerk. She's only in LA a short time then she'll be gone, like a will-o-the-wisp, to some other glamorous Europa Airlines outpost.

    And he would never see her again.


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No Other Love

No Other Love

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