Asking for Trouble by Jannine Gallant

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  • Daycare owner, Miranda O'Neill, isn't looking for a miracle. But that's what it'll take to convince Cole Matheson the American Dream isn't a trap designed to suck the life out of him. She wants a house with a white picket fence. He wants adventure. She yearns for babies of her own. He's perfectly content claiming his aging hound as his only dependent. The one thing they agree on--they can't keep their hands off each other.
    Six months ago, they'd admitted love wasn't enough and parted ways. But when Cole finds himself in charge of his nephew for the ten longest days of his life, only one person can save him.
    Will Miranda put aside her heartache to jump into the fray? Can Cole find any redeeming qualities in a demon in a diaper? Either way, both know they're just asking for trouble.

    Rating: Spicy
    Page Count: 122
    Word Count: 30484
    978-1-62830-198-4 Digital


    “Oops, I guess I don’t know my own strength.”

    For a moment, she leaned into him. The afternoon had been relaxing, but stimulating at the same time, like the man standing before her. With Cole, there was always the question of what he’d say next, what he’d do next…

    His free hand rose to touch her hair before his thumb stroked along her jaw in a whisper soft caress that sent a quiver sliding through her.

    Drawing in a breath, she forced herself to step back. “Why don’t you get the horses while I wake Jackson?”

    A pained look flashed through his eyes and was gone. “Sure.”

    When he released her and turned away, she pressed shaking hands against her thighs to steady herself. After a long moment, she bent and picked up the rose, then lifted Jackson into her arms and hugged him close, breathing in his clean, baby scent.

    No more innocent outings with a man who had the power to trample her heart beneath his boots. She’d been a fool to think she could spend time with Cole without falling in love with him all over again. Truth was, it would be a short drop into heartache. She touched the rose to her lips. Because she’d never stopped loving him the first time around.


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Asking for Trouble

Asking for Trouble

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