After the Moon Rises by Karilyn Bentley

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    An Anthology

    Werewolves in London:
    Werewolf Vonda Diaz has sworn off men, until she meets sexy rancher, Tom McGowan. Try as she might there is something about him she can't ignore. Determined to keep their relationship professional she finds herself unable to keep her distance. Since his wife died, Tom has no interest in dating, but one look at Vonda and passion ignites. There is something different about her that draws him in. What he can't understand is why his dog finds her so fascinating. When Tom's daughter is kidnapped, the two join forces to save her, not realizing the quest will unlock hidden mysteries. Will their budding love survive the secrets they discover or will those secrets tear them apart?

    Wolf Mates:
    Margie McLean loves her life just the way it is. As the single Alpha of the London, Montana pack, she leads her wolves and makes her own decisions. When she stumbles upon an injured wolf she has no idea that her quiet life is about to take a dramatic turn.

    Zane Moskos never imagined that the mission his tryranical alpha sent him on would lead him to his mate. Now he is faced with the choice of defying the man who holds his sister hostage or losing the woman that fate has decreed is his.

    In order to save his sister and gain his freedom, Zane must convince Margie he can be trusted. Can they work together or will the passion they feel overwhelm them both?

    Page Count: 186
    Word Count: 44234
    978-1-62830-210-3 Paperback
    978-1-62830-211-0 Digital


    Werewolves in London:

    "Huh? I'm sorry, what did you say?" Good job Vonda, way to look stupid on your first visit with a client.

    "I said, how can that dog not respect me?"

    "Well, dogs see things differently than humans. If you don't act like the alpha, then they assume they are the alpha. That's what creates problems. That's where I can help."

    "Yes, yes. I know. But I have other herding dogs. None of them give me problems. What's up with that?" Tom's frustrated green stare bored into her.

    Men frustrated so easily. Humans in general. Ever see a canine with hypertension?

    Sam licked her hand. Then she smelled it. The scent of a man. Not just any man. A man she wanted to mate with. A man about six four, with sandy blond, almost brown hair and green eyes. A man who stood less than three feet from her.

    Damn hormones.

    If she didn't get out of here soon she'd lose any chance of ever being a dog trainer.

    Wolf Mates:
    After Margie pushed the code into the keypad, she turned the knob and pushed open the door. Spilled soup lay in twisting rivulets across the floor, flowing from the broken bowl. The tray lay behind the mess. Zane stood in front of the bed, arms crossed, completely naked with the exception of a silver torc around his neck. Oh yeah, she could get used to the eye candy. It was impressive.

    Eye contact, Margie, eye contact.

    Like meeting his eyes helped. Black brows and thick lashes framed amber eyes that gleamed with questions. Sleep-tussled black hair shot through with silver and tan hung in waves to his shoulders. Above a white bandage wrapped around his middle, tight curls dusted his chest and below the bandage the curls led in a trail from his navel to...

    Eyes, Margie, eyes.


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After the Moon Rises

After the Moon Rises

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