Aspen Shift by Lindsay K. McFerrin

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  • Paris native, Alix Godard, seeks adventure by taking a job in a new country, but a solo hike in the mountains of Aspen, Colorado brings her to the brink of death.  A mysterious being appears out of nowhere and shields her from a wolf attack.  Suddenly life as Alix knows it is forever altered.

     When she accepts an invitation from dashing Aspen native, Kynan Byrne, to show her around town, her strong attraction to him becomes tainted with fear and mistrust when he seems to have detailed information about her fall on the mountain trail to which he should not be privy.

     Alix is stunned to learn Aspen holds not only beauty but an entire world she never knew existed--the dangerous world of the Shifters.  Who—and what—is Kynan Byrne?  Is Alix's wildly-handsome and wealthy suitor predator--or protector?

    Rating: Sensual
    Page Count: 41
    Word Count: 8927
    978-1-61217-953-7 Digital


    It happened so fast, she could barely react. A man in a long camel dress coat with a hat low over his eyes was heading toward her at a run. She froze, her mind blank with terror. For an instant, she thought he would run past her, and she just needed to get out of his way, but he reached for her as she screamed.

    Just as his fingers touched her arm, a snarling, guttural roar ripped the air and the violent crash of a sleek black figure into the man’s side knocked her attacker off his feet. Her defender was a dog.

    Alix didn’t wait around to watch the struggle. She raced as fast as she could in the high-heeled shoes, her heart hammering out of her chest.

    Merde! Why hadn’t she changed to boots and taken her keys out before leaving the restaurant? Reaching the front walk of her building, she rounded the corner and frantically rummaged for the keys. Her hands shook as she struggled to open the lock. When it clicked, she burst through the door, slammed and bolted it, leaning on the wall to catch her breath.

    Then, creeping through the still-dark room, she peeked out through a slit in the drapes and saw the black dog shimmer into the figure of a man.


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Aspen Shift

Aspen Shift

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