The Champion Chronicles by M. Flagg

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  • The Champion Chronicles Boxed Edition

    Book One

    Dreams often reflect hidden desires . . . even if they are terrifying. Michael Malone, a unique creature of the night, has taken down three evil sorcerers. He’s not entirely successful. Faced with eternal suffering, this mystically enhanced vampire dreams of survival. As he confronts his guilty, undead life his imagination runs wild. As Michael begins to lose hope, he believes that there is no such thing as redemption. Why did the commanding Champion jeopardize his own immortality? Michael Malone has two very good reasons. One is revenge and the other is love.

    Book Two

    Every action has a consequence. And some are harder to face than others. Michael Malone, rescued by Alana Ciminio, a Guardian of Souls, is taken to Portofino for an unprecedented healing. When brought to consciousness, nothing in Michael’s undead life is familiar. Unwilling to face what he’s done, he doggedly rails against every essential truth until he is forced to accept his actions. When the most difficult part of this Champion’s journey begins, he comes to realize that his destiny is with Alana and his troubled mortal son. Salvation lies in their unconditional love. And Michael’s road to redemption will lead to an unexpected destination never thought possible—by him or anyone else.

    His Soul to Keep
    Book Three

    Destiny is rewritten for Michael Malone with an outcome so unexpected that everyone in his world is stunned—Michael most of all. Suddenly mortal, he faces challenges unlike any he has ever experienced.

    Alana, his Guardian and soul mate, questions how the evil that lived within Michael was vanquished. Lukas, his human son, doesn’t trust his father's heartbeat, and Michael himself has no answers.
    The bonds of their love will face the greatest test of all when the ancient demon anchored within Michael for 317 years is discovered alive within an innocent human.

    Can Michael, Alana, and Lukas destroy the evil unleashed in order to give Michael his soul to keep?


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The Champion Chronicles

The Champion Chronicles

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