Cook County: Lucky in Love by Crystal-Rain Love

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  • Haunted by the suicide of a one-night-stand and the recent death of his troubled mother, Lucky Masters has sworn off women. He's just no good for them. But when sweet little Cammie May makes an aggressive move he never saw coming, his willpower takes a fatal hit.

    Afraid time is running out, Cammie is determined to show Lucky he's worthy of love. In return, she wants only his love and support--but the reason she needs him could scare the relationship-shy cowboy away for good.

    When her secret comes out, Lucky will realize the price of falling too deep. Will he run away? Or stand up and be the hero she needs?

    Rating: Spicy
    Page Count: 165
    Word Count: 41648
    978-1-61217-951-3 Digital


    Lucky’s back slammed into the wall of Hell’s Belle, and his breath whooshed out of his lungs. Before he could draw it back in to form a word, Cammie closed her lips over his and slipped her tongue inside his mouth. Then there was no trying to speak as their tongues dueled, Lucky’s brain trying to play catch up. When had sweet little Cammie May gotten so aggressive? And where in the hell had she learned to kiss like this?

    “I don’t wanna go home alone,” she said huskily after coming up for air.

    Panic and hunger tussled inside Lucky’s gut. He’d vowed to end the one-night stands after he’d found his last one dead in the motel, and he knew he wasn’t the type of guy a woman like Cammie May wanted for her happily ever after. She was the type of woman men like him had no business with.

    But standing there in skintight jeans and heels, chest heaving under her thin cotton shirt, she called out to the wolf he was doing his damnedest to keep locked inside.

    “Now, sugar, you don’t wanna do this,” he warned as his jeans became painfully tight. “I know you just went through a breakup and you’re hurtin’, but I am not the guy you want for a rebound.”

    “I’m not drunk, hurt, stupid, or anything else that would make me think unclearly,” Cammie responded, grabbing a fistful of his shirt to guide him toward his truck. “I’ve wanted you a long time, Lucky Masters, and tonight, I’m going to have you. Now, get in the truck and drive to wherever you want this to happen, because believe me, it’s going to happen.”


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Cook County: Lucky in Love

Cook County: Lucky in Love

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