Marrying Molly by Linda Hope Lee

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    The Red Rock, Colorado Series

    After a two-year absence, widow Molly Henson and her young daughter, Karli, return to Red Rock, Colorado, where they lived when Molly's husband was alive. New love is the farthest thing from Molly's mind--until she meets Steve Roper.

    Steve hasn't come to Red Rock looking for love. He's there on business and hoping to find answers related to his ex-wife's sudden disappearance. Meeting Molly makes him all the more eager to move on with his life.

    Molly soon realizes she harbors a secret about Steve's ex-wife. Confiding in Steve may end their relationship. How strong is their love, and dare she take the risk?

    Rating: Sweet
    Page Count: 306
    Word Count: 73760
    978-1-61217-852-3 Paperback
    978-1-61217-853-0 Digital

    “Oh, really?” Molly folded her arms. How was she supposed to do her work and be a chauffeur?

    “I told Sara not to take you away from your job, but she insisted she could spare you.” His hand rubbed over his chin. “If you’d rather not, I’ll hire someone.”

    She unfolded her arms and pushed out her hands in protest. “No, no, I’ll drive you. After all, your accident was my fault—”

    With a shake of his head, he held up his forefinger. “Don’t go there, Molly. My accident wasn’t your fault. Or Karli’s. I keep telling you that.”


    “No ‘but’s.’ I’ll be fine. My work will be fine. Okay?”


    Steve’s brown eyes gleamed.

    He was much too close. She wanted to step back, but before she could, he slid his finger under her chin and tipped up her head.


    When she looked up and met his heated gaze, corresponding warmth spun through her. Her heart thudded, her breath faltered.

    He stepped closer, while she stood rooted to the spot. The air sizzled. His lips parted and his warm breath slid over her cheek.

    Run, Molly!

    Too late. His lips closed over hers, softly, yet firmly. She leaned into him and felt his heart beating underneath his shirt, felt the heat of his body, breathed in his masculine scent. Their lips engaged in a familiar dance, yet as new and exciting as though she’d never experienced it before.



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Marrying Molly

Marrying Molly

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