Demon Fire by Ann Kellett

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  • Meredith Stone has an enormous case of writer's block and has no idea how to start her second novel.  Even more embarrassing she has no idea how to explain to her editor that the ideas for her first best seller came to her in a dream.

    Dax Thelassian's problem is that nearly every word of Meredith's novel is true.  A portal from the demonic underworld really does exist on a ranch in the Texas Hill Country. Dax and a few other half-human half-demon warriors have spent the last two and a half centuries watching evil energy build.

    Now that battle is imminent, Dax is determined to pry the truth from the sexy but naive writer. Does she hold the key to the one item that could keep the world safe and allow him to embrace life as fully human?

    Rating: Sensual
    Page Count: 69
    Word Count: 15701
    978-1-61217-849-3 Digital


    “Damn it, Meredith! This isn’t some game we’re playing to stroke your writer’s ego,” he said. “This is serious. We are fighting real demons and the outcome has real consequences! And for some reason you felt the need to tell the whole world all about it!”

    He inhaled deeply and lowered his voice, channeling the calm objectivity of the part of him that was demon-warrior. He couldn’t afford to scare her off again. Not while he had another chance to bring her before the Warrior Council. As another half-breed, Randy would be able to relate to Dax’s masculine desires.

    The others, as full-blooded demon-warriors, would get a truer sense of Meredith’s intentions and motivations. The energy she might be trying to hide. Whether she was friend or foe.

    But the others weren’t seeing her as he was now, in the plain white T-shirt and white lace thong she had slept in. With glossy black hair sticking out in all directions, her face scrubbed of makeup. More beautiful than ever.

    He didn’t want her to realize how easy it would be to simply leave again.


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Demon Fire

Demon Fire

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