An Accidental Kiss by Dawn Douglas

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    Single mom Marcy Garrett yearns for a soul mate but finds it difficult to trust people. The victim of several blind dates gone horribly wrong, she reluctantly agrees to yet another, with a well-known author.

    Western writer Frank Anderson isn't looking for love. Since his wife died six years ago, all he wants is to be left alone with his solitary plans for the future. To make his sister happy, he agrees to meet Marcy, but he has every intention of telling her he's not interested in a relationship.

    After a surprisingly enjoyable evening, fate intervenes as they say goodbye. Can one unplanned kiss on a magical snowy night melt Frank's lonely heart and overcome Marcy's doubts?

    Rating: Sensual
    Page Count: 52
    Word Count: 12563
    978-1-61217-771-7 Digital


    As she shoved open the heavy, dragon-guarded double doors of the Jade Wok, Marcy glanced nervously around the lobby. She wasn’t nervous that he wouldn’t turn up—she felt absolutely sure that Frank Anderson wasn’t the kind of man who would stand a woman up. He just hadn’t arrived yet. She was nervous about what might happen after he did turn up.

    A waiter looked at her, one eyebrow raised.

    “I’m waiting for someone, he should be here any minute—” As if on cue, the doors behind her opened, letting in a rush of chilly night air.

    Marcy turned, and her breath caught in her throat. It wasn’t so much that he was good-looking, his features were too rough and irregular for that—it was more a matter of his presence, his tallness, the grave intensity of his dark blue gaze. He had thick, ruffled graying hair and he ran his hands through it as if annoyed.

    “Marcy Garrett?”

    For a moment, she was too flummoxed to even know her own name but managed to nod. “You must be Frank!” she blurted, inwardly cringing at how stupid she sounded.

    They were shown to a table and handed menus. He glanced around.

    “It’s nice in here, isn’t it?” she gabbled. “The decor is very restrained for a Chinese restaurant—of course all the dragons and what have you are fun—but the food is really something special, and the service is great. I always come here on my birthday. They have a take-out menu, too.”

    Shut up, shut up, she thought, and felt herself flush bright red.



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An Accidental Kiss

An Accidental Kiss

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