Ali's Victory by Kat Duncan

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    What young widow Ali Granger doesn't know can put her six feet under. Her boss, a medical advocate fighting drug companies, has been murdered, and she's on the run from a killer. After stealing a boat and crashing on a private island, she meets the man of her dreams. Only he's holding a shotgun, and it's pointed at her.

    Ben Dewey, a.k.a. former entertainment wrestler Hammer Victory, never expected to find Ali's brand of trouble on his doorstep. But when she uncovers evidence that both his wife and her husband died from the same unexplained condition, he agrees to help.

    Danger and desire lurk around every corner as Ali and Ben team up to expose a dietary supplement as a deadly, addictive drug--before the forces behind it silence them forever. But if they succeed, can they leave the past behind and find love again?

    Rating: Spicy
    Page Count: 241
    Word Count: 62065
    978-1-61217-784-7 Digital


    A bullet thunked next to her. She yelped and moved faster. A second shot grazed her leg. The sting of pain made her clamp her lips shut. She crouched and ran, making for some low bushes and trees ahead. Finally, some cover from the hovering death above. The helicopter’s lights raked the trees at the edge of the shore, then it swung away.

    She blew a low breath and swiped at the blood streaking down her leg. She heard shouting and a door banging. There was a huge house lit all around with floodlights. Maybe the owners could help.

    Then the guard dogs came bounding toward her. Snarling and barking, they galloped toward the woods where she hid. A man followed them, walking across the open lawn that separated the shore from the house.

    The helicopter circled back. Hovering over the trees, its light played back and forth through the bushes trying to find her. She made a small, pathetic whimper and curled up into a ball. This was it. The end. Which would it be, the dogs or the helicopter?

    The helicopter’s spotlight spread around her and stopped. She didn’t even try to move. Gunshots sputtered next to her. Then two shotgun blasts split the air overhead, pinging against metal. The helicopter fire stopped, and the aircraft swung away.

    Ali didn’t dare breathe. The dogs were snapping branches as they bounded through the brush. With a snarl, one of the dogs leaped onto her. She flinched, expecting the painful crunch of sharp canines, but a second later, her face was wet with the dog’s gentle lapping as it whined affection at her.



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Ali's Victory

Ali's Victory

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