Once Upon a Weekend by Tina Swayzee McCright

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  • Sometimes a curse is really a blessing...When Hannah Lawrence agrees to manage a hair salon in a castle, she doesn't expect fairy tales. Then she finds herself alone in the salon with the owner's hunky brother, and magic sizzles between them. But can she forget her past long enough to embrace it?

    Contractor Tate Browning doesn't believe in magic. But when he makes the wrong comment to the wrong witch, his hair starts growing fast and won't stop. He's determined to finish the work he promised his sister--but how can he concentrate with the salon's beautiful new manager around?

    When Hannah discovers that Tate must prove himself worthy three times to remove the curse, he refuses to believe it--but magic cannot be denied. Will Tate and Hannah need a fairy godmother to find their happily ever after?

    Rating: Sweet
    Page Count: 40
    Word Count: 10108
    978-1-61217-547-8 Digital


    Hannah walked outside, watching Kate’s older brother wave goodbye. She’d overheard most of their conversation when she was folding towels in the next room. He sounded protective, just as her employer had described. He also sounded closed-minded. Not a quality she admired. But, priding herself on being open-minded, she decided to let time reveal the true Tate Browning. What would it cost her? It’s not like she was going to work with him on a daily basis, just for the weekend.

    Deciding the direct approach would be best, she strode closer to where he stood. His faded jeans hugged long legs. Not the thin legs of a runner, but the strong legs of a construction worker. Kate said he was a contractor who often pitched in to help on projects. He wore a matching, pale-blue long-sleeved shirt. A bit warm for Phoenix’s mid-eighty-degree spring weather, but it would help protect him from splinters in the wood. The fact his back and shoulders appeared wide beneath the cotton fabric did not escape her.

    Her sandals clipped on the sidewalk as she stepped off the grass. He turned as she drew near. With the sun glistening, casting a halo around his head, she swore he was an angel standing before her. But what kind? The ones in heaven or those cast out to cause havoc on Earth?

    “Hi! I’m Hannah Lawrence.” She extended her hand, forcing herself to focus on reality.


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Once Upon a Weekend

Once Upon a Weekend

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