Don't Say Goodnight, Irene by Gabriella Lucas

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  • He can't reveal the truth. She won't be conned by lies.

    Retired detective Irene Rohan was always too busy getting criminals off the streets to take time for love. Now she's made an exception for Ted O'Keefe, but she's not so sure he is who he says. Is he one of the good guys, or is he exactly the kind of scum she used to put behind bars?

    Ted O'Keefe has managed to keep his life a secret, even from Irene. He never meant to get involved with her in the first place, and she has come along at the worst possible time. Telling her the truth might get them both killed, so the smart thing to do is push her away.

    But how can he let her go?

    Rating: Sweet
    Page Count: 53
    Word Count: 12662
    978-1-61217-414-3 Digital


    Terrified, images of Elliott Ness movies raced through my mind. Memories of my own experiences as a cop, shootouts in the streets, kids pulling out Saturday-night specials and giving us a no-choice. I knew things could end badly tonight, very badly.

    Suddenly frightened for him, I fell into his arms, felt his mouth open to mine. Warmth surrounded me, just as it had on the beach in Mexico, just as it had every time I'd been in his embrace. I drew back and saw that Ted felt the same.

    I kissed him again and drew him close, my eyes filling with tears. We sank into the couch; I pulled at his shirt and unfastened his belt, but his hands firmly gripped mine. “I have to get back, Irene. In a couple hours, agents will swarm down on them like hornets.”

    How I had missed him. Missed his embrace, his hands, the feeling that I was cherished. My mouth came down hard on his.

    “Honey, no,” he said. “You just got out of the hospital, and besides, I don’t want quick with you.” He fondled my breast and then trailed his fingers up to my neck, clutching the fragile gold pendant in his hand. “I meant what I said when I gave this to you.”

    I knew he meant it. I also knew I might never see him again. Maybe that’s why the only thing I could think to say was, “Then show me. Show me how you feel. Now.”


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Don't Say Goodnight, Irene

Don't Say Goodnight, Irene

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