Miss Lily's Boarding House by Sandi Hampton

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  • Love Letters Series

    When Grace Wentworth receives word her beloved aunt has died, she has no idea her inheritance is one of the most infamous bordellos in the state of Texas. Traveling to Texas to claim her inheritance will lead her straight into danger--and the chance for love.

    Logan Barnett wants to find his father's killer--at any cost. He vows to avenge his father's death--he'll fight anything or anyone who stands in his way. Even the woman he loves.

    Rating: sensual
    Page Count: 98
    Word Count: 25972
    978-1-61217-417-4 Digital


    Grace fixed her gaze on Maggie. “What’s going on here?”

    “Oh, Gracie, I didn’t want you to find out like this. I was going to tell you…later.”

    “Tell me what?” Grace stomped her foot. “What?”

    “Gracie, this is a bordello.

    “A what?”

    “A whore house.”

    Grace stumbled backward and collapsed into the chair. Her breath caught in her throat. “No, no, I don’t believe you. It’s a boarding house. Aunt Lily said it was a boarding house. She would never…” Her voice trailed off. But deep in her heart, she knew it was true. She’d sensed Aunt Lily had her secrets, but never in Grace’s wildest dreams would she have guessed it was something like this. Maybe a lost love or something, but a whore house?

    Stars danced before her eyes, and blackness closed around her.


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Miss Lily's Boarding House

Miss Lily's Boarding House

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