The Wild One's Hunger by Ericca Thornhill

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  • If magic transforms you, linking you to one special soul, what will you sacrifice for love?

    Born in the forest, Cole struggles against the influence of the demons who fostered him. When he takes a stand by rescuing a newly created angel from their clutches, the angel captures his heart.

    Green-winged and innocent, Ioi bursts from her chrysalis to meet the rescuer who kept the forest creatures from destroying her. Imbued with enchantment, Ioi's passion for Cole runs deep--until a Battle Angel appears, pointing out their differences.

    Separated from Cole, Ioi is taken to the Angels' Citadel. Will Ioi choose her preordained fate, or follow her passion and fight for the wild one she loves?

    Rating: Sweet
    Page Count: 61
    Word Count: 15734
    978-1-61217-482-2 Digital


    She floated within her tiny world, emerald light tinting the fluid within, dark green feathers brushing her lips. She couldn’t wait to meet the world. It awaited, vibrant and lush, full of living creatures and dark velvet skies. She stretched, her little heels pressing against the smooth membranes of her hard, translucent, protein shell.

    The days passed, warm in the sun, cool under the stars. She waited patiently while angels looked for her. They would take her to their white citadel to hatch. She needed to hear their songs, grow under their care, yet she floated alone next to many other young angels who grew out of the earth, waiting patiently in their pastel pods amid the thick wetlands growth, and dreamed of the moment when the angels, their angels, would claim them.

    On the other side of her shell, vicious snarls sounded. Casings broke. Tiny screams escaped from the other young angels, sending shivers through her spine. She pressed her hands against her own protective casing, turned her ear to its inner curves, and strained to understand why this terrible violence was happening, fearful it would come for her.

    Her angel deliverers were too late.




My reason for reading is simple: escapism. This book allowed me to escape into a world unlike any I'd ever experienced before, with angels and mountains. I found myself getting lost in this story, forgetting where I was and what time it was. It's a great light read, totally enjoyable whether you like romance, fantasy or both.

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    The Wild One's Hunger

    The Wild One's Hunger

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