Brookside Daisy by M. Kate Quinn

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  • The Perennials, Book Three

    It's a pack of lies that turns Daisy Cameron's life upside down, but it's the truth that changes everything forever.

    Affluent playboy J. Randolph Press Jr. learns of his disapproving uncle's deathbed threat to cut him from his will, and he's desperate to change his mind before it's too late.

    Daisy's job at the Brookside Café can barely cover her household needs let alone fund the prestigious art school she feels her son, Adam, should attend. When Rand stops into the café and eavesdrops, learning of her financial crisis, an outlandish idea is born.

    Daisy agrees to play Rand's fiancée in order to receive money for Adam’s college. But what will happen when the line between fact and fantasy blurs, when feelings and longings emerge for which neither realizes their hearts yearn?

    Rating: Sensual Page Count: 324
    Word Count: 85407
    978-1-61217-260-6 Digital
    978-1-61217-009-1 Paperback


    Rand pulled into a guest space inthe parking lot of her apartment complex. He shifted the transmission into park and turned to her. “Please listen to me. I’m not saying anything disparaging about Adam. It’s my uncle’s reaction that I’m concerned about.”

    “I hate this whole thing,” she said bitterly. “I hate it! Do you understand?”

    He reached for her and she yanked free. “Don’t. I detest you, too.”

    “You’re getting much better at this, aren’t you?”

    “I beg your pardon?”

    “The lying—it’s starting to roll freely from your tongue.”

    “I am not lying.”

    “Yes, you are.”

    “Oh, believe me. I do detest you.”

    “No, you don’t.” His voice was a tease.

    Taken aback by his arrogance she stared at him, wide-eyed and speechless.

    “I hate your guts. How’s that?”

    Rand leaned in dangerously close to her. She could see his eyes alive with amusement in his dimly lit car’s interior. She held her breath.

    “You may hate my guts, madam, but you’re rather fond of my lips.”

    Daisy bolted from the car and slammed the door. She could hear his laughter as she stormed to her front entrance. Fumbling with her key, she cursed it for not cooperating. Finally her door opened. She locked it behind her, turning the deadbolt with a flourish.


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Brookside Daisy

Brookside Daisy

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