Lethal Refuge by Vonnie Hughes

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  • Abused and abandoned as a child, Célie Francis knows better than to trust anyone. But after she witnesses a murder, she's placed in the Unit "New Zealand's witness protection program" where she's expected to trust strangers with her life.

    It's psychologist Brand Turner's job to ease witnesses into their new identities, not to protect them, but Célie stirs feelings in him that are far from professional. When it appears someone is leaking critical information that could endanger Célie, Brand will do anything to protect her. But first he has to convince her to trust him.

    Adrift in a frightening world, Célie would like to believe the handsome psychologist is everything he seems, but as witnesses are murdered and danger swirls around them, Célie must decide "can she trust Brand with her life?

    Rating: Spicy
    Page Count: 256
    Word Count: 66732
    Print ISBN 1-60154-996-2


    Inching along the wall, Célie reached the window. She held on to the door jamb, a little island of security in a sea of fear. Then she stretched across and peered out.

    A featureless face stared back at her.

    She screamed and jumped back, bashing her elbow on the laundry tub.

    Peaches lumbered to his feet, shaky and confused.

    The face was still there.

    No eyes. No mouth. No nose.

    Peaches staggered over to the door and snuffled.

    Mesmerised, Célie kept staring at that distorted face as she backed into a corner.

    Then the face moved and a hand spread across the glass. The forefinger and thumb rubbed together.

    Flashes of memory seared her mind.

    She gasped, remembering that fearful morning when she’d discovered poor Occy’s disemboweled body. Stunned, struggling not to vomit, she’d been hovering over what was left of Occy when she sensed she was being watched. For a few precious seconds she had stared back at the creepy figure silhouetted in the early morning gloom watching her—just watching her.

    Then he’d rubbed his thumb and forefinger together covetously, as if he were contemplating the best way to eat her alive.

    And she’d bolted.

    And done her best to bury those memories.

    Whoever that monster had been, he was outside the window right now.


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Lethal Refuge

Lethal Refuge

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