Seducing the Sheriff by Shannon Robinson

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    Sheriff Jared Buchannon values justice above everything. There hasn't been an outlaw in his town he hasn't put behind bars...until now. When the bank is robbed and the culprit vanishes without a track for Jared to follow, there's only one thing to do to bring the outlaw to justice: kidnap the man's sister.

    Adriana Sheer moved to Brazos Point, Texas in search of a new beginning. Employment as a saloon dancer didn't put her in high regard with the local ladies, but it was the only thing she knew how to do. When the sheriff kidnaps her, claiming he will use her to lure her brother to a jail cell, Adriana retaliates with her own plan. For what Jared doesn't realize is her brother isn't the only outlaw; she has every intention of stealing the sheriff's heart.

    Rating: Spicy
    Page Count: 50
    Word Count: 12100


    He carried her into the cabin and laid her on the makeshift bed he’d fashioned out of roughhewn logs and covered with a straw-filled bed tick. Wool blankets cushioned the mattress, and he pulled another over her to keep her warm while he started the fire.

    He tried to concentrate on striking the flint rather than the ravishing woman lying behind him, but the memory of her supple body cradled in his arms imprinted his thoughts. Just imagining her reaching for him, drawing him into the bed with her, their bodies pressed together, was enough to drive him mad. The images enticed certain areas of his body until the rough fabric of his trousers grew uncomfortably taut.

    If he didn’t get a handle on himself soon, he’d go up in flames just like the logs in the fireplace.

    Satisfied that the wood had caught, Jared turned around and found Adriana’s midnight blue eyes open and looking around the cabin. Then they shifted to him, and he could see the reflection of a hundred questions mirrored in her gaze.

    “Sheriff?” she asked.

    “Miss Sheer.” He settled onto the edge of the bed, removed his hat, and ran a hand through his hair. The decision he’d made in bringing her here now seemed more of a mistake in the midst of her innocent stare. “I can explain why you’re here.”

    Her brows arched high while her lush mouth stretched into a slow, seductive smile. “Sheriff, if you wanted me alone, all you had to do was ask.”




Originally reviewed by Molly at Romancing the Book. This was an absolutely sweet book! It is a little on the spicy side, but it’s a wonderful kind of spicy. It definitely hooked me from page and held me captive until the last page.

Poor Adriana had no clue as to why the Sheriff kidnapped her, but she was sure glad he did! She’s had eyes on him since she arrived in Brazos Point, but never had the chance to act upon it. I loved watching the way she was with the Sheriff once he had her secluded out of town so no one would know what he was up to. And watching him TRY to fight the attraction??? Wow. I loved seeing the way Adriana would set his heart aflutter as she let him know just how much she wanted him. Seeing his reaction to her antics, made me wish I was in Adriana’s shoes. Hehehehe.

I definitely recommend this fast paced read with a 4! There’s the perfect amount of romance, a bit of humor mixed with just a smidgen of suspense to create a wonderfully engaging story. I am looking forward to going back and seeing what Ms. Robinson has in store for her readers with her other work, and seeing what’s in store for the future!

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    Seducing the Sheriff

    Seducing the Sheriff

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