Loving Rose by Linda Hope Lee

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  • The Red Rock, Colorado Series

    Harboring a secret she dared not share, Rose Phillips ended her relationship with Dr. Mike Mahoney two years ago. When a tragic accident places her under his professional care, she realizes her feelings for him are still very much alive. Torn between wanting to bare her soul and fearing he’ll reject her after he learns her secret, Rose struggles to resolve her dilemma.

    Why Rose ended their relationship has always puzzled Mike. He’s never stopped loving her. Now that she’s back in his life, he wants more than anything to pick up where they left off. Rose appears receptive, but because of her actions trust is difficult. Dare he risk a second broken heart?

    Rating: Sweet
    Page Count: 254
    Word Count: 67733
    Print ISBN: 1-60154-963-6


    At last, they reached the ranch. Mike parked in front of the house and cut the engine. He turned and in a somber tone said, “I'm sorry if I said anything to upset you. I wanted you to enjoy yourself today.”

    “I’m sorry I caved in like I did,” she said with a calmness that amazed her. “Getting out was a real treat. Thanks so much.”

    “You’re welcome. I promise next time we get together—” He tilted his head. “What? You look really distressed now."

    Maybe she hadn’t been as calm as she thought. She hesitated, and then said, "Mike, do you think there should be a next time?”

    “Of course, I do.” He reached out and tipped up her chin, forcing her to meet his gaze. “I could say, ‘Doctor’s orders,’ but I hope we’ll get together again because you want to.”

    The longing reflected in his eyes reached deep inside Rose. At that moment, she knew with all her heart and soul she wanted to be with him. They were so perfect together. Always had been—except for the one thing that kept them apart.

    “You do want to come out with me again, don’t you, Rose?”

    “I—yes, I do,” she whispered.

    A slow, sexy smile tipped the corners of his lips. “I knew I was right on with that diagnosis.”

    When he leaned closer, she didn’t move away. Softly, gently, his lips barely touched hers. And yet the effect, at first a shiver of delight and then a wave of pure desire, spread all the way down to her toes.

    He deepened the kiss, rubbing his lips back and forth over hers.

    She savored the touch of his warm fingers on her shoulder, the scent of his aftershave, the slight bristle of beard along his jaw. All so familiar and yet at the same time new and exciting.




JoAnne's review can also be found at romancing-the-book.com

This was a fun and easy read although it was Book 2 in the Red Rocks Colorado series and I haven’t read Book 1 – yet! Each time I got to a new chapter I couldn’t wait to continue to see what would happen next. There was a happily ever after but also some sorrows, heartache and tears. There was romance, family, friends, love, angst and lots of things from Mike and Rose’s past to get through. I enjoyed the give and take between the main characters as well as watching the ebb and flow of their love and the chemistry between them. Although Rose harbored a secret that she knew Mike couldn’t handle knowing she still ultimately wanted the happily ever after. It was hard to sometimes watch the warring in her heart – she wanted them to be a couple, wanted Mike to chase after her but then in the next breath would do something to hurt him or push him away. There was closure and I hope if there’s a book 3 in the series we’d continue to find out more about Mike and Rose’s story. The supporting characters played a strong role in the storyline as well which added reality to the plot.

I have not read books before by this author but after checking out her book list I know I will be adding others to my TBR pile since she writes not only contemporary stories but also romantic suspense which I also enjoy.

Favorite Quote: Tonight she’d kissed him and nestled in his arms as though she belonged there. Which, of course, she did. She was the one. No doubt about that.

If only he could convince her. He would, he vowed, setting his jaw. This time, he wouldn’t let her go. Okay, so he still hadn’t discovered the real reason she broke up with him before.

Sooner of later, he’d find out, and then he’d help her to heal. He was a healer, after all. He couldn’t imagine her problem would affect how he felt about her. His love was strong. Nothing would destroy his love for Rose.

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    Loving Rose

    Loving Rose

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