Wolf Mates by Karilyn Bentley

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    Margie McLean loves her life just the way it is. As the single alpha of the London, Montana pack, she leads her wolves and makes her own decisions. When she stumbles upon an injured wolf, she has no idea that her quiet life is about to take a dramatic turn.

    Zane Moskos never imagined that the mission his tyrannical alpha sent him on would lead him to his mate. Now he's faced with the choice of defying the man who holds his sister hostage or losing the woman that fate has decreed is his.

    In order to save his sister and gain his freedom, Zane must convince Margie he can be trusted. Can they work together or will the passion they feel overwhelm them both?

    Rating: Spicy
    Page Count: 94
    Word Count: 25173


    “Hey, in there. I’m going to open the door. Don’t even think about taking me down.” As if he could. If she knew he was her mate, she assumed he could sense that she was his. And a male would never hurt his mate. Although if he wanted to take her down and sex her senseless she wouldn’t oppose him.

    Pull it together, Margie! How can you think of sex at a time like this?

    She shook her head—who would have thought meeting her mate would cause sexual thoughts to overwhelm her common sense—and rapped on the door. “Do you hear me?”

    “I do. Why am I locked in?”

    She liked his voice. Maybe she could get him to speak more just to hear the melodious rumble as it crossed her skin. By the saints, what was she thinking? Hello, Margie, pull your head out of your hormones and channel your inner alpha.

    After she pushed the code into the keypad, she turned the knob and pushed open the door. Spilled soup lay in twisting rivulets across the floor, flowing from the broken bowl. The tray lay behind the mess. Zane stood in front of the bed, arms crossed, completely naked with the exception of a silver torc around his neck. Oh yeah, she could get used to the eye candy. It was impressive.

    Eye contact, Margie, eye contact.

    Like meeting his eyes helped. Black brows and thick lashes framed amber eyes that gleamed with questions. Sleep-tussled black hair shot through with silver and tan hung in waves to his shoulders. Above a white bandage wrapped around his middle, tight curls dusted his chest and below the bandage the curls led in a trail from his navel to...

    Eyes, Margie, eyes.




Overall Rating 4 Hearts from The Romance Studio

Margie is the alpha of her pack and she is very protective or it. One day when they are on a hunt, she discovers that the werewolf who has been shot is her mate. But how can she trust him with not only her life but with her pack? When she learns what he is after, she must decide what she's going to do. Can she trust him or is she going to lose him because she must decide what is more important to her -- the pack or her mate?

Romantic misunderstandings and life and death situations are just a few things keeping readers on the edge of their seats rooting for the good guys in this fast paced paranormal read. I think that the author really brings you into the book to the point where you can picture the characters and scenes. The villains in this story really had me wanting them together and I enjoyed how the author handled them. Admirable and sympathetic main characters plus an absorbing plot make this a book a keeper.

Reviewer: Camilla Berg
January 4, 2012



    *Warning, spoilers may be ahead* A vegetarian werewolf just doesn’t seem to work, especially when she is the Alpha in her pack.

    Margie Mclean finds herself in a predicament when she takes in a stray werewolf named Landa. Landa came to them hurt. Not asking what had happened, Landa settles in when all of a sudden her past comes back to haunt her.

    Margie leads her pack in the hunt for food, a guilty pleasure she enjoys some of the meat of the deer. Landa, as if reading her mind, brings her a bone and she enjoys the marrow. Margie is enjoying her meal and they hear hunters.

    Finding a wounded wolf, Margie weaves some magic to throw the hunters off the trail and they are able to get the injured wolf back to the compound to help him. Margie instantly feels and attraction to the injured wolf and realizes that he is her mate.

    Sent to find Landa against his will, Zane gets shot by hunters and ends up in the very compound that Landa is in. As he lies in the hospital area Margie comes in to question him and he also realizes that they are destined to be mates. He explains why he is there and that he is bound by a silver bracelet around his neck that makes him do the bidding Sid, the very same were that Landa escaped from.

    Due to the chemistry at times they seem to want to get off track and complete the mating process but they end up sticking together and take Sid down.

    A different take on mating in a pack and evil magic comes into play. Not a bad short story. Originally reviewed by Robin at Romancing the Book.

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      Wolf Mates

      Wolf Mates

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