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Law Of Attraction by Darlene Fredette

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  • Lawyer Christina Crawford has a successful career and stable financial future, but is it enough?  Her world is disrupted when a routine divorce case means working with a man she never expected—or wanted—to see again.  During their first meeting, she can't deny a connection still exists.  Her head warns her to run, but her heart yearns to stay.
    Steven Mitchell is ruthless in the courtroom, but outside those doors, his easy charm, good looks, and unlimited stream of female companions gives him an unscrupulous reputation.  Six years ago, Christina saw beyond his façade, but the emotions she evoked scared him and he pushed her away.  Now he wants a second chance and he is determined to get her back...even if he has to play dirty.

    Rating: Sweet
    Page Count: 212
    Word Count: 51475
    978-1-62830-536-4 Paperback
    978-1-62830-537-1 Digital


    Heart pounding in her chest, she closed the door behind him. Wearing her best business face, she returned to this disastrous meeting and sat. Christina drew in a deep breath, and a measure of control was restored. She picked up her pen and flipped open the case file. “So, according to these documents, your client is contesting the divorce?”

    Steven reached across the table and snatched the pen from her hand. “What’s the rush, Christina? We haven’t seen each other in years. There’s a lot of catching up to do.”

    She clenched her teeth together, barely parting her lips as she spoke. “We have nothing but this case to discuss.”

    “Come on, don’t be like that.” He leaned back in his chair, frowning. “You’re not still holding a grudge, are you? What happened was so long ago. I hoped we could start fresh, as friends.”

    “Are you freaking serious?” She glared an icy stare. Forget a slow death by high heel. She’d get more pleasure strangling him with her bare hands. “You accused me of misconduct, had me fired, and now you want to be friends?” Her heart thumped a rapid beat in her ears. “You’re out of your mind.”

    A heavy silence filled the room. Steven stared down at the table, flicking the tip of her pen with his thumb. “You look fantastic,” he finally whispered.

    “Go to hell.” Christina couldn’t believe his nerve. Did he think she would fall for his act? Those dark captivating blue eyes wouldn’t sway her, not this time. Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me.


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Law Of Attraction

Law Of Attraction

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