Texas Bride by Brenda Huber

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  • Texas Series

    Miranda Thomas has been banished to Texas…for her own good. She knows exactly what that means. Determined to elude the prison of an arranged marriage with a stranger, Miranda prepares to battle her tyrannical uncle for control of her future. Then a steely-eyed lawman and a brazen bandit sweep into her life like forces of nature, putting her resolve to the ultimate test.

    Garrett McCabe brought his brothers’ killers to justice. Now he’s ready to move on with his life. But a wily judge calls in a steep debt, and Garrett is forced to accept one last assignment, escorting the judge’s errant niece across the wilds of Texas. A simple enough task, until a mysterious highwayman decides the only treasure he wants is Miranda’s heart. Then Garrett’s old nemesis resurfaces, and Garrett has one last chance to fulfill blood-sworn vows. Will vengeance cost Garrett the only woman he’ll ever love?

    Rating: Hot
    Page Count: 344
    Word count 96000
    Print ISBN: 1-60154-950-4


    “Miranda,” he stalled. “You shouldn’t—”

    “I shouldn’t what, Garrett?” She lifted a hand, settling it on his chest, just over his pounding heart. “Shouldn’t I wonder what it would be like to be held in your arms?” Her bold stare lifted to his. “I do.” She forced a swallow, fighting to hide the sudden crack in her self-confidence. Was she doing this right? She’d never before played the wanton.

    She eased closer, and this time he didn’t step away—he couldn’t as his back was to the wall—and she let a small, sanguine smile curve her lips. She knew she was goading him, knew her next words might not get quite the exact reaction she wanted from him—might gall him into turning away from her—but she needed this…needed his kiss like she’d never needed anything else in her life.

    “I’m curious, Garrett,” she murmured. “I want to know…I need to know. Does every man kiss like Draco does? Do all men taste the same?”

    His stormy eyes flashed, like lightning just before it reaches down to scorch the earth. He cursed beneath his breath, vehemently, and heat soared in her cheeks. A tiny tendril of uneasiness coiled deep in the pit of her stomach. She’d pushed him too far.

    Damn it, she hadn’t wanted it like this. She’d wanted him willing, not coerced, but he’d left her no choice.

    Garrett’s heated stare locked on her mouth, and an animal growl rumbled through him as he snaked an arm around her waist, hauling her hard against him. Her eyes flew wide, and she gasped. His hand tangled, fisting in her hair, dislodging pins, rough and demanding. Their gazes connected for a heartbeat, and, with a tiny flare of fear, she realized she hadn’t just pushed his limits. She’d broken his control. Comprehension—apprehension—registered a split second before his lips swooped down to seize hers.


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Texas Bride

Texas Bride

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