His Soul to Keep by M. Flagg

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  • The Champion Chronicles

    Destiny is rewritten for Michael Malone, a mystically enhanced vampire, with an outcome so unexpected that everyone in his world is stunned—Michael most of all. Suddenly mortal, he faces challenges unlike any he has ever experienced.

    Alana, his Guardian and soul mate, questions how the evil that lived within Michael was vanquished. Lukas, his human son, doesn’t trust his father's heartbeat, and Michael himself has no answers.

    The bonds of their love will face the greatest test of all when the ancient demon anchored within Michael for 317 years is discovered alive within an innocent human.

    Can Michael, Alana, and Lukas destroy the evil unleashed in order to give Michael his soul to keep?

    Rating: Spicy
    Page Count: 372
    Word count 101000
    Print ISBN: 1-60154-949-0


    Alana couldn’t pull her hand away from the center of Michael’s warm chest.

    There’s no denying how deeply I’ve loved him since the first time he spoke to me—when I was seventeen—and totally taken with a singular creature of the night. No Guardian has ever been protected by a vampire. No vampire in recorded Georgian history has ever fought the beast within to take back his own conscience. Only Michael.

    Bright Amalfi sun teased her eyes open as it danced across the majestic sleigh bed. Safe and secure, the man she loved was tight within her arms. Each miraculous, even breath of sleep Michael took kept a euphoric grin on her face. His head of wavy brown hair molded to her breast. One strong cheekbone, a partial view of his intense profile… She feasted on every handsome feature she could see.

    He’s home. He’s with me. Last May, I held his beaten body. I watched the effects of poison slither through his veins. And I watched him struggle to survive. Now, his chest rises and falls. How unbelievable is this?

    Brushing back his hair, Alana needed to glimpse more of her soul mate. When Michael walked into the bedroom last night, her stomach fluttered. Her soul quivered to the core. Devoted kisses had filled her heart. In a tentative tone he had whispered, “I don’t understand this,” and she had searched his chestnut eyes, simply replying, “Neither do I.”

    Still full of questions, she felt certain he’d answer each one today. Her palm absorbed every mystifying beat of Michael’s heart. He’s a living, breathing man again… No. Not possible. Vampires don’t change…Every Guardian of Souls knows that’s a fact. Lesson 101…




Robin's review was originally posted at romancing-the-book.com.

At the beginning of the book I felt a little lost as this is the third in the series. But about a third of the way in I was drawn into the story.

There was allot going on with the story, feeling pulled back and forth at times. The interaction between the church and the guardians was interesting I think that I would have loved to have been able to learn more of the origins between the two.

Michael has been granted the chance to live again after being a Vampire with a demon inside for over three hundred years. His guardian Alana is also his soul mate and things between them used to be pretty sexual. Although there are no explicit scenes in this book it is heated with the suggestion of words.

Michael has a son who is almost sixteen by an Irish seer. He is a very likable person after they mend their getting to know each other after having left me for so many years’ feelings. Lukas is the typical teenager who rebels; smoking, drinking, sneaking off, and taking money along with the car keys.

But when it comes right down to it they love each other as any father and son do. They work together to fight with the guardians to rid a young innocent girl of the demon that was once a part of Michael. Along with Alana and their extended family of guardians, nuns with special abilities and Monsignor’s they also, get rid of the original vampire Veronique and a smaller one Leonard.

Both had wanted to destroy Michael because he had killed his creator.

There is plenty of action in this story as good battles evil. Trying to take out the vampires and restore peace to those that had their lives uprooted due to said vampires.

One of the hard things to grasp for me was that Michael was granted the right to become human again. That can actually happen? His heart was beating he was alive again. With the help of his soul mate Alana and others in his extended family he once again found out how to live.

I guess over all M. Flagg wrote a very interesting book, I think though in order to get the full extent of the storyline it might be a good idea to read the first two book before picking this one up to read.

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    His Soul to Keep

    His Soul to Keep

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