Immortal Justice by Faith V. Smith

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  • Immortal Executioners

    Over a millennium ago, Highlander Darach MacRath was murdered. Resurrected by the Archangel Michael to fight demons as an Immortal Executioner, Darach now opposes all evil in the mortal world. His life is solitary—but when he rescues a young woman who not only sees demons but battles them herself, he is captivated by her courage and beauty.

    Abigail Dupree is not looking for love. But when a tall, dark demon fighter with a sexy brogue intervenes in her hunt, she’s fascinated. She should run away—but then his gentle yet sizzling touch ensnares her heart.

    When a demon from Darach’s past sets his sights on Abby, Darach will do anything to protect her—but for Abby, losing him would be worse than death. Together they must fight the demons of past and present, and the possibility that evil could destroy them both, before they find the gift of love.

    Rating: Hot Graphic Language/Violence
    Page Count: 358
    Word Count: 94954
    Print ISBN: 1-60154-979-2


    “Ye willna be needing a weapon, I will protect ye.”

    His statement irritated Abby, but at the same time a part of her was just a tiny bit thrilled. It seemed immortal or not, a man always had the attitude of protecting the little woman—whether they needed it or not. Of course to be fair, he had saved her butt from the demon, but he needed to know she wasn’t some frightened babe in the woods.

    “I beg to differ. If I’d had a knife I could have done some serious damage, and besides, you can’t protect me twenty-four-seven, Darach.”

    “Ye will be protected at all times, Abby.”

    “You’re missing the point. Maybe I don’t need a keeper. I have managed to take care of myself for over…” Abby decided he didn’t really have to know she was over thirty. “And what about when you’re asleep? You do sleep don’t you?”

    Darach frowned, but answered, “Aye, I do sleep, but ’tis usually during the daylight hours. However now I will be sleeping at night in your bed with ye.”




Reviewed by Terri at Romancing the Book.

This was a tale of good vs. evil in its purest form.

Darach was as easy for me to fall for as he was for Abby. His out-of-this-world body and his sexy Scottish brogue made him almost irresistible. The awful things that happened to him in his previous life broke my heart. Abby with her “gift” and willingness to help others had me rooting for her from the first page.

The characters were well developed. I loved Michael the Archangel. His concern for the mortals on earth as well as for his Immortal Warriors made him very real to me. Sean had a really intriguing back story that made me want to know more about him. Arianna’s feisty and smart. I know she has a deep dark secret that I’m dying to know.

I was impressed by Ms. Smith’s story telling. Abby and Darach’s verbal sparring was entertaining. There were heart breaking and heart pounding moments. It reminded me of Sherrilyn Kenyon’s Dark Hunter series but with less sex and the immortals worked for a boss they actually respected. There were some slow moments but over all this was a great read.

The Christian aspects of this book were heartfelt. Even the passion that Darach and Abby had for each other was sweet and pure.

Favorite Quote: Reminder: Archangels do not shed tears over what happens in the mortal realm. It would be fruitless since he would never get any work done if he allowed his hardened shell to crack. As he reached for a golden cloth and wiped his eyes, he repeated, archangels do not shed tears.

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    Immortal Justice

    Immortal Justice

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