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Through Your Eyes by Jo Barrett

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    Patience was not one of Belle Gregory’s virtues. So when she finds herself lying flat on her back in the sand with a tone male body on top of her, she curses her loss of sight. But the doctor’s say she will see again, a fact that has Adam Parker very worried. He has no choice but to live with the damage done to his face by a roadside bomb more than a year ago, but can Belle? Or will she see only the scars and not what’s in his heart?

    Rating: Sweet Page Count: 37
    Word Count: 9528


    Slowly, he drew her toward him.  “I was thinking more than friends.”

    A nervous smile tilted up her lips.   “Oh?  What exactly did you have in mind?”

    He eased his arms around her and whispered in her ear.  “Long walks that end with long lingering kisses, to start with.” 

    With a sigh, Belle pressed her cheek to his chest.  She felt awful for how she behaved.  Especially knowing what he must have gone through with his scars, but did he want more with her because of their similarities, or because there seemed to be a different kind of connection?

    She didn’t want to ask, but had to.  “Do you want to be more than friends because I can’t see you?”

    He pulled back and smoothed her hair from her face.  “No.  You’re beautiful, and I’m a guy,” he said with a chuckle that faded quickly.  “Something happened when I landed on top of you, touched you.  I just felt—I wanted to be with you.  Learn all I could about you.  Hell, I watched you out of the corner of my eye all day.  I wanted to punch Tom for not inviting me over when he first met you and Dee.”




The premise of this intrigued me enough to take a read. While characters with physical limitations are showing up more often in books, it still isn’t the norm. So, when I saw that the main female character is blind and the male lead is scarred, I was curious to see how it was going to play out.

The main problem with this book is it’s length. There’s not enough time for the reader to get to know the characters, there’s not enough tension between Belle and Adam, and then the story just seems to resolve too easily. All that said, the book is well written and feels like a solid beginning to a story, ad one can only hope that the author will revisit this story and expand on it.

Reviewed by Jen for Romancing the Book.

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Through Your Eyes

Through Your Eyes

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