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The First Crocus by Marion Robinson

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    The minute Jo Hartley set eyes on her new boss, Kevin Petersen, her hormones jumped up and shouted, "He's the one!" Too bad she doesn't believe in love at first sight. Besides, Kevin's too cold for her to feel anything beyond respect for the too handsome, too reserved widower. At least that's what she keeps telling herself.

    Until Jo's youthful attitude and winning smile dropped into his world, nothing interfered with the direction of Kevin's well-ordered life. How could he know she is everything he needs? Only a lost child and a terrifying night spent in the crater of a dormant volcano will bridge the chasm between them--and bring a love as miraculous as the first crocus.

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    "I'm sorry about the other night," he said abruptly. "I...I took advantage of you. It won't happen again."

    After a heartbeat of disbelief, Jo turned and stared at him. "Advantage? What do you think I am, a child?"

    His gaze slid down her body and made her want to scream look at me, not my clothing. "You're no better than Roger, then, are you? You don't even have the excuse you were drunk."

    Kevin's mouth hardened into a line. "You didn't invite him into your apartment."

    "So now it's my fault?"

    Kevin's eyebrows drew together. "I didn't notice you making any objections."

    Jo wanted to strike back for the hurt he had inflicted on her. "That was before I knew it was just a diversion for you, a little fling on the side."

    Kevin's chin tucked in defensively. "Don't be ridiculous." His mouth twisted as if he had tasted something unpleasant. "I'm not going to stand here arguing with you."

    If it wasn't just a fling, what was it? Jo wanted to shout. But he was gone, running hard down the beach.


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The First Crocus

The First Crocus

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