A Soldier For Christmas by Lauri Robinson

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  • Southern belle Marybeth Dawson discovers Santa Claus can't cross the Mason Dixon line--but handsome Union soldier Trevor Sutton can.

    Rating: Sweet
    Page Count: 76
    Word Count: 20200
    978-1-61217-477-8 Digital


    When their lips merged,he felt it all the way to his toes.He wanted to grab her, crush her to his chest, but he restrained his hands, told his body to focus on the kiss. This one single action he’d carry with him forever.

    His lips tasted hers, the top one, the bottom one, and the sweet, heavenly space where they met. He took his time, tasting each little spot over and over again. Nothing more than their lips touched, and one knuckle on his left hand that still held her chin.

    But he wasn’t disappointed, not in the least. By the time he pulled away every nerve ending was on fire, both with an undeniable want to continue, but more with an overwhelming sense of satisfaction.

    He let his hand turn about and fold over her cheek, which she pressed against his palm. “Good-bye, Marybeth.”

    “Good-bye, Trevor,” she whispered.

    Before he changed his mind, he leaped off the porch, grabbed the rifle he’d left leaning against the railing, and jogged up the road.

    Marybeth, shaking, drawing in rickety, uneven breaths, watched him go until she couldn’t even make out a dark dot on the far side of the field. It was then that she looked down and realized she’d dropped the basket of eggs. This time every single one had broken.


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A Soldier For Christmas

A Soldier For Christmas

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