Redemption's Kiss by Louise Delamore

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    Lauren's been alone for a long time. Too Long. After all, there are few who understand her need for blood - then she meets Rhys. He seems like a perfect match on all counts, until her bite sends him running.

    Rhys thinks he's met the women of his dreams, until she sinks her teeth into his neck, and his dream turns into a nightmare. Now Rhys has a choice to make. Is being with Lauren the biggest mistake of his life? Or is she his salvation?

    (pages 64) Spicy


    The hotel doors slid open with a sound as soft as a lover’s expectant inhalation. Lauren’s lips tightened as she stepped into the marble and gold lobby. Her high heels clicking against the cold floor. Alors! The way she was free-associating sounds lately it was clear she needed more than blood. She needed sex.

    Sex. A sigh shuddered up her chest. No chance she’d be enjoying that delicious depravity anytime soon. Loneliness suffocated her heart, and exhaustion dragged heavily on her shoulders. She rolled them back into position and straightened her spine, her chin coming up determinedly. She refused to let her wasteland of a love life get her down. She hadn’t lived like a nun since Gregory’s death fifteen years ago. Her liaison with Gideon was proof of that, but she wanted more than casual sex or a friends-with-benefits relationship.

    Deep down she knew she was built for lasting love, not fleeting sexual satisfaction. She’d experienced love once and she no longer wanted to settle for anything less. Although she looked only half her chronological age, she’d lived long enough to know one night stands were a bitter pill that didn’t fix her problems. Finding a man worthy, who stirred her mind not just her senses—that was the trick.

    She turned in the direction of the bar with the ease of long familiarity. Two men were lounging in the entrance, talking in the overloud voices of the slightly inebriated. Her feet slowed as she approached but the men didn’t move.


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Redemption's Kiss

Redemption's Kiss

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