Lazuli Moon by Christine DePetrillo

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    Jewel of the Night Series

    Three people search for the legendary Lazuli Moon in the Valdivian Rainforest.
    Two of them will find a treasure they never expected.
    One won’t live to see another day.

    Archaeologist and professor Dr. Nivia Charu can’t let the Lazuli Moon remain hidden forever. With her teaching position threatened and no funds for an expedition, Nivia fears the blue diamond fabled to have healing powers will never be unearthed.

    Physician Dr. Benjamin Forrester wants to cure his uncle’s cancer. His attempts at manufacturing a remedy, however, have failed. Desperate and out of options, Ben needs a miracle, and Nivia may just hold the key.

    Up against a crazed boat captain and ancient curses, Ben and Nivia join forces to seek the Lazuli Moon. What waits for them in the depths of the rainforest will either make them famous or kill them.

    (Pages 200) Sensual


    There was something about Ben…

    Heat burned Nivia’s cheeks, and it wasn’t due to the fire in the center of their camp. She was far enough away from the flames to not be overwhelmed by their heat. The temperature change occurring on her skin had to do with Ben and only him. Nivia risked a glance across the campfire.

    Ben scraped his fork along the inside of his food pouch trying for the last remnants of his dinner. He placed the emptied pouch by his feet and used his napkin to wipe at a spot on his jeans. Nivia couldn’t hold in the laughter, and Ben looked up.

    “What’s so funny?” he said.

    “You’re a little uncoordinated in the eating department,” Nivia said.

    Ben shrugged. “Been that way since I was a kid. My uncle says it’s because I’m always in a hurry. That I’d rather be doing something else instead of eating.”

    “Is that an accurate assessment?”

    “I suppose so. I eat to live, not live to eat, I guess.” He looked down to the spot on his jeans. “I could try to be neater though.”

    “Don’t change a thing,” Nivia said before she could stop herself.

    Ben’s lips turned up into a smile that hit Nivia square in the heart. She didn’t know if it was because she now knew what those lips felt like on hers, or if Ben was just one of the sexiest men she’d met in a long time


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Lazuli Moon

Lazuli Moon

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