Dark Whispers by Marie Kenward

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  • The MacCumail Bloodlines Series

    Sometimes, trusting your inner voice can be fatal...

    He is Mikael macCumail, leader of a vampire clan. The oldest of his kind, he is considered invincible. Deadly. Most fear him, and he's lived unchallenged for over a millennia. Until the night he loses it all.

    Stripped of his memory, stalked by vampires and vampire hunters alike, Mikael finds an unlikely ally in young hunter Emily Davenport. On the run with no one to turn to and no one to trust, the line between predator and prey begins to blur. In a world of unfamiliar shadows, Emily becomes his only light. Her beauty tempts him, her innocence disarms him. Mikael has waited centuries to find a woman like Emily, but when his past catches up with him and he discovers why his memory was taken, he must prepare to face an enemy he doesn't know how to defeat. An enemy with no physical body, a life form--an entity--that lives inside vampire blood, moving from one body to the next, killing.

    And now it wants Mikael.

    (Pages 430) Spicy
    ISBN: 1-60154-844-3


    “ ‘What’s in a name? That which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet.’ ”

    Shakespeare? An obvious attempt to confuse her. Emily slammed her boot down on the vampire’s bare foot and instantly followed with an elbow to his nose. His arm fell away as he grunted in pain.

    She managed two steps, filling her lungs with air as she prepared to scream, but the vampire caught her by the waist, whirled her around, and shoved her against the wall. As her stomach dropped to her ankles, she squeezed her eyes shut. Let it be quick, she prayed. And painless, she added as an afterthought.


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Dark Whispers

Dark Whispers

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