Looking for a Hero by Meghan Matthews

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  • Assistant District Attorney Meg McCormick is running for her life…

    Three years ago, Meg landed the case that promised to make her career, prosecuting and convicting the notorious Chicago drug lord, Simonson. But now he's out on parole, thirsty for revenge and commands connections which span deep within the Chicago PD. The case that should have sealed her career now promised to end her life.

    Meg flees Chicago, but instead of finding sanctuary, a head on collision puts her in the hospital, frightened and alone with no one to turn to.

    Then walks in tall, dark and sexy Police Detective Nate Reed, who risked his life to save Meg from the burning wreckage. Or so everyone claims. But is Nate a hero, or just another corrupt cop working for Simonson?

    Dare she trust him?

    And if she does, could she be risking his life, as well?

    (Pages 248) Spicy
    ISBN: 1-60154-828-1


    I don’t want to let you go.

    Meg felt his words all the way to the tips of her toes. His voice was soft and caressing, the way his fingers had been on her wrist moments ago. How in the world could someone’s voice feel so good?

    She raised her head and saw him looking at her with those watchful blue eyes. Meg’s gaze dropped to his lips. Moments ago she’d been sure he was about to kiss her. She’d wanted it more than she’d ever wanted to be kissed in her life.

    It was foolishness, of course. Utter foolishness.

    She couldn’t trust him, couldn’t trust anyone. He could be working for Simonson for all she knew. The more she saw him and talked to him, she doubted that. But she didn’t really know. And besides, in a few days she would be gone. Long, long gone. There were so many reasons that kissing him was a bad idea she couldn’t even list them all. But despite all those very good reasons, all she wanted was for him to take her the rest of the way into his arms, kiss her and never stop.


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Looking for a Hero

Looking for a Hero

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