Under a Rodeo Moon by Roni Adams

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  • Wayback, Texas Series

    Bull rider Dusty Wulfsen has been thrown to the ground by more bulls than he can remember, yet nothing caused as much pain as losing Carrie Montgomery. When she shows up in Wayback determined to have a second ride at his heart, he knows he'd be a fool to let her near him. But memories of those nights under a rodeo moon have him coming back for more.

    Rating: Spicy
    Page Count: 133
    Word Count: 36088
    978-1-61217-416-7 Digital


    Dusty climbed the stand to get to the booth where he would mount the bull. As he positioned himself, he forced himself not to look up and out into the crowd. He knew where she was sitting, but he couldn’t afford to get distracted. The angry beast jerked and twisted between his thighs as he settled himself into position. He’d lucked out and drawn Midnight Sun, but was fairly confident he was a good match for this black bull.

    When the chute opened and they shot out into the arena, he realized immediately the ride was going to go wrong. It felt uneasy right from the first second. His balance was all off, and all he could do was cling awkwardly and hope he could stay on for as long as possible, but the bull jerked and spun, and he landed in a disgraceful heap on the ground. Instinctively, he rolled away from the lethal blows of the bull’s hoofs. The clowns dealt expertly with the raging beast. On his feet again, Dusty waved to the crowd, who applauded even though the ride was a mess. The ride had gone the way it had for one reason. What the hell was she doing in Wayback, Texas? He brushed off his buddy’s hand on his shoulder and pushed through the doors to the public arena.

    She’d been sitting in the lower section, but before he could get there, he saw her race out the door that led to the parking lot. Like hell was she going to get away! She’d ruined his ride, and he’d be damned if she was going to walk away without getting a piece of his mind.

    His hand wrapped around her upper arm and dragged her to a stop. “Not so fast!”


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Under a Rodeo Moon

Under a Rodeo Moon

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