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McCormick's Prayer by Jo Barrett

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    Drake McCormick prays for nothing but peace, the final sleep, and yet knows his prayers will go unanswered as he is cursed to walk the crumbling halls of his castle with one lone companion, a small boy named Collin. Never allowed to venture beyond the ruins, for if they so much as dare to cross the threshold they will be cast into the deepest darkest depths of Hell, they watch the world pass them by, unseen and unheard by the infrequent visitors to his hall.

    Until her.

    The beauty and mystery of the Scottish Highlands pulls Mary Beth to its shores with the promise of a new beginning, a new way of life. But add one sexy Scottish ghost and his endearing companion, and her new life is like nothing she could ever have predicted.

    (Pages 68) Spicy


    “Wait,” Mary Beth said. “One last thing.” She moved to stand between them and looked up at Drake with a most winsome smile on her face. “I have to know, or I’ll go crazy with curiosity and I won’t get another chance.”

    He cocked his head at her. “Know what?”

    “This.” She popped up on her toes, cupped his face between her hands, and pressed her lips firmly against his.

    Drake hesitated for a moment, so shocked he dare not move, then quickly wrapped his arms around her and explored her mouth with the utmost detail. With Collie watching, however, he dare not let his hands do the same, but he could feel her—all of her—pressed against him. She moaned, low and sweet, barely a whisper of a breath, but he heard her and vowed to take that sound, the taste and feel of her into eternity with him, for there had never been a more curvaceous, delectable woman in his arms before.

    Slowly, painfully, the kiss came to an end, and she stepped back, a pleasing blush upon her beautiful face.

    She looked away and cleared her throat as she adjusted her clothing, although nothing was out of sorts.

    “Well, now I know,” she said.

    “Aye, and so do I.” He loved her, solely and completely, but would never again look upon her face, nor would they share in the many pleasures between a man and a woman.


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McCormick's Prayer

McCormick's Prayer

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