Transatlantic Loving by Rachel Brimble

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    Class of '85 Series

    In a desperate bid to escape the bitter reality of her children accepting her ex-husband’s new – and younger – fiancée, Lisa Cavendish travels from the UK to accompany her friend to a high school reunion. The last thing she expects is to fall in love with the school soccer coach who, it appears, holds as much regard for his child as her ex did when he walked out on them.

    Aaron Taylor can’t believe his eyes or ears when he is introduced to Lisa. Sexy and funny, she has no idea how her accent enhances the heartbreak he endures waiting for his daughter to ask him to return to the UK. But after spending three short weeks with Lisa, he sees the answer to his pain in the eyes of the most phenomenal British lady he has ever met.

    (Pages 81) Sensual


    He stepped closer,his gaze wandering over her face. “Your weakness is for school coaches, eh?”

    Lisa’s gaze fell to his lips as an urgent pull tugged at her center. The man was as handsome as a Greek god and fifty times as sexy. “Hey, don’t flatter yourself, it’s any school coach, not just you.”

    Another step closer. “Is that so?”

    Her nipples tingled. “Yep.”

    He smiled lazily, the tip of his tongue flicking out to wet his bottom lip. “I’m going to kiss you now, Ms. Cavendish.”

    “You think so, huh?”

    He wiggled his eyebrows. “Oh, yes.”

    Her stomach lurched deliciously. There was nothing she wanted more. “Well, you’d better get on with it then, I’ve got better things to do than hang around school gymnasiums all day.”

    As his hands gripped her waist to ease her forward, Lisa lifted her hands to grab onto each toe-curling bicep. Her body pulsed as he lowered his head to hers. Then with torturous slowness, their lips met for the very first time.

    Her blood caught fire, burning and scalding, singeing every inch of her body. He pulled her closer as the tips of their tongues teased and discovered, thrusting an intoxicating rush of blood to every sensitive part of her body. A hungry groan escaped as he pulled her against him. He increased the pressure of his lips while Lisa scored her fingertips up his arms to dig into shoulders as hard as marble and—

    “Hey, Coach! Get a room, why doncha?”




Lisa Cavendish is a wonderful, conflicted British heroine trying to cope with her daughters' acceptance of her ex-husband's new fiancee. Aaron Taylor is a drop dead gorgeous all-American male determined to ease her heartache. The attraction between this unlikely pair may just start a heatwave in Summerville where they meet at a highschool reunion. Transatlantic Loving is another sensational story in the Class of '85 series.

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    Transatlantic Loving

    Transatlantic Loving

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