Corvette Confessions by Stacy Dawn

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    Class of '85 Series

    Have you ever been in the right place at the wrong time?

    Dumped at the senior spring dance, AJ, who’d always been more into softball and shop class than cheerleading and pep squad, escaped the crowd to mope in the Corvette on loan to the class for the semester. When Greg Roberts unexpectedly joined her, his attempts to cheer her worked—too well. She might have even confessed her love that night if Greg’s longtime girlfriend hadn’t come looking for him.

    Twenty-five hard years later, forced to come to the reunion by her best friend, AJ escapes back to her favorite class, only to find the exact Corvette—a little worn and faded—sitting right where she’d left it. Fond memories turn into reality when Greg shows up at her driver’s side window again—and déjà vu takes on a whole new meaning.

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    “Ma’am, I’m going to need to see your driver’s license and registration, please.”

    Twenty-five years sucked me back through a narrow tunnel and my heart pounded along with the thunder of sudden time-travel beating against my eardrums.

    The light lowered to reveal honey-brown eyes crinkled in amusement. The overlap of youth and maturity flickered back and forth until my eyes came to focus on a handsome face, the grace of silver kissing the edges of thick, sandy-blonde hair.

    I fumbled for the volume dial without taking my eyes from him. “G-Greg?”

    A chuckle came from the wide smile. “Sorry, A.J., I couldn’t resist.”

    “It’s A…J…” I trailed off from the automatic correction when I realized he’d gotten my name right. He remembered? And remembered more than just the way he surprised me last time, too.

    Through the windshield, I watch him shut off and set down the Trouble light. I quickly tamed my mussed up hair and snagged my purse back from the passenger seat as I followed his progress around the hood of the Corvette. I don’t think I actually pulled in a breath until his weight in the bucket seat shifted the vehicle and kicked my lungs back into survival mode.

    Long seconds went by as he contemplated me with those twinkling eyes.

    “Don’t know about you,” he finally said, “but I’m having a bit of déjà vu here.”

    You have no idea.




Ever wish you could have a do over? A.J. and Greg get that chance in the front seat of a corvette at their 25th high school reunion. This sweet, quirky story is a guaranteed pleaser!

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    Corvette Confessions

    Corvette Confessions

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