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Doorway To His Heart by Jo Barrett

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    The world rarely grants anyone a second chance, but that is what Emily Mayfield receives when she walks through a mysterious door at the end of one life, over far too soon, to be cast into a new one. Only problem is, the woman staring back at her from the mirror is not Emily Mayfield.

    Viscount Westmore knows his wife to be a conniving witch who lives to humiliate him, but from the moment she awakes from her illness, her actions has him doubting everything, even his own heart.

    Time Travel

    (Pages 166) Spicy


    He stopped a breath away from her lips, his gaze pinned to hers, and decided that she would have to make the final move.

    She leaned closer as he held his ground. He felt her uneven breath against his lips. She swayed back a little, and for a moment he thought she would turn away, then her mouth pressed against his. The subtle trembling of her lips, the way she slid her arms tentatively around his neck, spoke more of her feelings than any words ever could.

    She was afraid of her new life, for that is what it was, like a child learning to walk. He owed her nothing for the pain she’d caused him over the years, but he could not turn his back on her. He’d loved her once, or thought he had. Perhaps he still did. And yet he sensed this was something different, a new love, one just beginning to grow in his chest.

    He wrapped his arms around her and pressed her to him as he deepened the kiss. On a moan, her body folded into his, her delicate curves pressing against him. Her fingers slid into the hair at the nape of his neck, pulling a growl of pure need from deep in his throat. He’d been without a woman for so very long. Years of celibacy had taken its toll. Celibacy that she demanded, for she knew he would never take a mistress, and she would not have him in her bed.


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Doorway To His Heart

Doorway To His Heart

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